What Will the Dallas Cowboys' New Stadium Be Named?

Richard ZowieCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 19:  A general view of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium under construction on April 19, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

A friend who covers the Dallas Cowboys for a Texas metro newspaper tells me the team has to name the new stadium. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, a brilliant marketer, stands to make lots of money off the naming rights. Besides, the naming rights will help him to finance the stadium and pay off the debt. For now, tentatively, it's Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Here are some possibilities.


AT&T Stadium

AT&T (formerly SBC) relocated its headquarters to Dallas from San Antonio. Currently, there are two stadiums bearing its name: AT&T Park in San Francisco, where the Giants play, and AT&T Center, where the San Antonio Spurs play. This might not work, since the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock (out in northern Texas) already play at Jones AT&T Stadium. No, it's not the same Jones who runs the Cowboys.


Nike Stadium

Jerry Jones previously had a licensing deal with Nike, where the famed Swoosh was on the side of Texas Stadium. I like this name. Jones is a maverick, so you have to wonder how it would work with the NFL's licensing agreement with Nike's sworn enemy, Reebok.


Papa John's Pizza Stadium

This is another cool possibility since Papa John's is currently a sponsor for the Cowboys. Of course, we have to hope Jones doesn't mind a name that might alienate Pizza Hut. If you ever get to see some of the commercials (such as Jerry Jones "dancing" in the locker room), they're pretty funny.


Pepsi Stadium

Yes, Tony Romo got clobbered in the Diet Pepsi Max commercial where the offensive coordinator yawns while delivering the play, but I like it. Perhaps Jones might decide on a name stemming from Coca-Cola's rival?


For those longtime Cowboys fans, don't expect Tom Landry Stadium. After Jones took over the Cowboys, he lobbied to have alcohol served at Texas Stadium to generate more income. Landry, a Christian, was also a non-drinker (like myself) and reportedly would not allow beer or other alcoholic beverages served while he was in charge.

The new stadium will undoubtedly serve alcohol, so I can't imagine Landry's family and his estate giving their blessing on that.


Here are names I'd love to see but know they'll never happen.

The Redskins and Eagles Suck Stadium

No money could be generated since there's no licensing involved. The name is fitting, though. (For the record, while I cheer against the Redskins and Eagles, I have a healthy dose of respect for both teams and for their organizations.)


The House that Jerry Built

It has a nice ring to it, but again, no money could come from it.


Philadelphia Cream Cheese Stadium

Can you imagine a stadium bearing the city name of your hated rival?


On a side note, there is something odd about the Cowboys' new home. Whereas Texas Stadium was in the Dallas suburb of Irving, the new stadium is in Arlington, which is actually a suburb of Fort Worth. Dallas will join the league ranks of the New York Giants, Jets, and Redskins by playing home games in a city that's not their "official" city.