ECW: A New Era of Extreme (Backlash Coverage)

anonymous guyCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

Welcome ladies and gentlemen and welcome to an exciting night of ECW, Raw, and Smackdown action!

Tonight I've got four big time matches that are going to decide the fate of the ECW Brand itself!

For Smackdown by Ray Bogusz:

For Raw by Greg Bush:

For Superstars and the Highlight Reel by AkD:

For TNA by Kevin Canny:

Now that all of the commercials are out of the way, let's get Backlash underway!

The recap video of the whole Shelton Benjamin vs Paul Heyman situation is showed to hype up the live crowd for the first match of the night.

The pyro goes off with Seasons by The Veer Union played in the background as we are welcomed by announced teams as all of the matches are being run down.

The first match of the evening was the first round tournament to the race to Judgment Day!

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is schedueled for one fall! And it is the official third match of the ECW Championship Race to Judgment Day! Introducing first from Paradise Valley, Arizona, standing at 6'4" and weighing in at 254 pounds, Ricky Ortiz!

(The crowd becomes unglued from their seats as they welcome their hero.)

Ortiz comes out in an all new attire with his hair in a pony tail, and with black and red elbow pads, trunks, knee pads, wristbands, and boots—it seemed as if Ortiz was all about business tonight as he was ready to face the biggest challenge of his career.

(All of a sudden, a huge laugh filled the arena and Umaga's theme hits as he, along with Ted Dibiase, Sr., come down to the ring.


Race to Judgment Day First Round Match:

Umaga w/ Ted Dibiase, Sr. vs Ricky Ortiz

The bell rings and Ortiz wastes no time before he begins his barrage of offensive attacks. He beats the Samoan Bulldozer all the way into the corner with rights and lefts.

Umaga holds his hands up trying to defend himself, but to no avail as Ortiz continues to throw blows.

The crowd is completely behind him!

The ref gets in between the two men and just as Ortiz tries to get a clean break away from Umaga, Umaga hits him hard with a huge throat thrust. Ortiz goes down, and Umaga jumps up on a big time splash and tries to go for a pin.

One...two...Ortiz gets his shoulder up and Ted Dibiase is on the outside laughing. Umaga gets Ortiz up and throws him into the turnbuckle corner. Just as Ortiz's chest hits the buckle, Umaga splashes his back into the corner hard, and Ortiz falls backward onto the mat.

Umaga throws his arms into the air and screams to the crowd.

Umaga goes over to the downed Ortiz and locks in his signature shoulder lock. Ortiz screams in pain as the ref checks on him.

One...two...Ortiz slowly, but surely does his best and fights his way back up to his feet. He begins to punch Umaga in his stomach about five times, and Umaga just wrenches in the hold even tighter and Ortiz falls back down to the mat.

The ref continues to check on Ortiz, but Ortiz just wont quit.

Ortiz fights his way back up to his feet and then begins to deliver elbows to the sternum of Umaga. Ortiz finally gets the separation from Umaga. Ortiz bounces off of the ropes and delivers one hell of a shoulder block, but Umaga just teeters a bit.

Ortiz bounces off of the ropes again and delivers yet another shoulder block, but Umaga just leans back in a daze. Ortiz goes up to the top rope behind the dazed Umaga and lands a huge bulldog off of the top rope!

Umaga is down and Ortiz slowly crawls over to Umaga for the pin.

One...two...Umaga powers out and rolls over on his stomach. Ortiz gets up and locks in a headlock on the Bulldozer.

The ref begins his count on Umaga.

One...two...Umaga slowly makes it to his feet with Ortiz on his back. Umaga quickly runs backwards and smashes Ortiz into the turnbuckle.

Ortiz falls to the mat and so does Umaga.

The ref begins his count,

Umaga is up to his feet and then Ortiz. They begin to trade blows with Umaga swinging and missing Ortiz. Ortiz is doing his best and delivers critical damage to the head of Umaga.

Ortiz bounces off of the rope and hits a huge spinning wheel kick to Umaga. Umaga teeters again and almost falls. Ortiz then tries his idea from earlier, and climbs up to the top rope again. Ortiz dives down, but Umaga hits him out of mid-air with the "Samoan Spike!" out of no where!

Umaga goes for the cover, but Ted Dibiase yells to Umaga to end him. Umaga gets up and drags Ortiz into the turnbuckle corner and then backs up all the way into the opposite corner.

Umaga charges forward and hits Ortiz with his signature, "Samoan Charge!" Ortiz just slumps down in the corner with his eyes glazed over.

Umaga drags Ortiz back out of the corner and gets him up to his feet. Umaga throws Ortiz off of the ropes and throws Ortiz up in the air and catches him with a huge Samoan drop.

Umaga then gets Ortiz up by his neck and delivers a huge, "Samoan Spike!" He goes for the cover, one...two...three!

It's over and Umaga advances forward in the Judgment Day Tournament!

Ted Dibiase gets into the ring and raises the Samoan Bulldozer's hand in victory. He then goes over and grabs a mic:

Dibiase: Ha-ha-ha! Everybody's got a price, and later on tonight, I will pay either Evan "Air" Bourne or The All American American Jack Swagger handsomely if they drop out of the tournament after they win their match tonight!

Umaga will be the next ECW World Heavyweight Champion at Judgment Day! Ha-ha-ha!

Ted Dibiase, Sr. and Umaga leave the ring as the camera cuts to the huge smile of Elijah Burke.

Burke: Ladies and gentlemen, and all the little snotty nosed, no good, ungrateful, lollipop eating, slimed faced brats you call kids! You are looking at the all new ECW World Heavyweight Champion Eli...

???: Rob Van Dam!!!

RVD: Hey what's up bro? I see that you're really pumped up about this title match later on tonight! Well that's all good man, because as you can plainly see, I'm the current ECW World Heavyweight Champ and after tonight is over, nothing would've changed because...

Burke: Because what?! I am the most talented entity in sports entertainment today, yesterday and of tomorrow! After I win the title tonight, there will be a new dawning of "Dominance" in ECW!

We will eliminate you and your extreme jackass of a General Manager, Paul Heyman!

You and the rest of the sports world will see that We Are Unstoppable and can never be killed!

Oh yeah and one more thing, you junkie...

RVD: What, what are you going to say that I haven't already heard before?

(Burke looks away and then smiles at the camera, he looks back at RVD and says...)

Burke: Actions speak louder than words...

(*SMACK* Burke slaps the hell out of RVD!)

Burke: See ya later on "dude"!

(Burke walks away laughing as RVD holds his face.)

The camera cuts away and shows the bracket for the Race to Judgment Day Tournament.

Jaime Noble vs John Morrison

Umaga vs Jack Swagger/Evan Bourne

Shelton Benjamin vs ???

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is the official fourth match of the ECW Championship Race to Judgment Day! Introducing first, standing at 6'6" weighing in at 263 pounds, the leader of Team Swagger, The All American American Jack Swagger!

(The fans immediately boo Jack Swagger as he makes his cocky entrance into the ring.)

All of a sudden, the return of Evan Bourne begins as he makes his high energy return to ECW!


Race to Judgment Day Final First Round Match:

Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne

Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne meet in the center of the ring. Swagger begins to laugh as Bourne looks up at him. Swagger gets down on one knee and raises his hand so Bourne can look up with him.

Bourne looks pissed as Swagger continues to poke fun at Bourne. Bourne begins to say something, but Swagger muffs Bourne's face.

Bourne gets pissed again.

He walks back over to Swagger and he does it again. Bourne walks over one more time and Swagger slaps him! Bourne looks at the crowd and then back at Swagger. Bourne runs off of the ropes and delivers one hell of a shining wizard to the side of Swagger's head.

Swagger goes down and rolls out of the ring. As soon as Swagger gets up to his feet, Bourne bounces off of the ropes and delivers an amazing swanton like splash over the top rope onto the dazed Swagger!

The crowd pops big as Bourne panders to them. Bourne goes over to get Swagger up to his feet, but Swagger grabs Bourne by his trunks and smashes him into the steel steps hard!

Swagger then rolls into the ring and then back outside to break the referee's ten count.

Swagger then gets Bourne up and slams his chest hard on the barricade wall. He then gets Bourne up and throws him back into the ring.

Swagger rolls in right after him and goes for the cover, one...two...Bourne places his foot on the bottom rope. Swagger then slowly raises Bourne's head up off of the mat and begins to pound on his face with right handed punches.

Bourne begins to bleed from his forehead as Swagger stands up and shows his bloody hands to the crowd. Swagger gets Bourne up to his feet and throws him into the corner.

Swagger once again taunts to the crowd.

Swagger charges forward to Bourne, but Bourne puts his foot up, but Swagger catches Bourne's foot and pulls him out of the corner and clotheslines the hell out of Bourne.

Bourne lands akwardly, and he's out of it. Swagger goes for the cover, one...two...Bourne kicks out.

Swagger gets him up to his feet and delivers an enormous belly-to-belly suplex. Bourne flies across the ring and slides out to the arena floor. Swagger goes outside of the ring and slowly begins to get Bourne up to his feet, but Bourne pulls on Swagger's attire and Swagger smashes his face into the ring post hard.

Bourne slowly gets up and dropkicks Swagger in his back and Swagger's face bounces off of the post again. Bourne runs up the steel steps and springboards off of the top rope and lands a huge moonsault on Swagger!

The crowd is going insane!

Bourne slowly rolls into the ring and Swagger rolls in afterwards at the count of seven! Bourne slowly walks over to the downed Swagger and locks in the figure four leg lock, and the woooo's can be heard from miles away by the live audience.

Swagger slowly turns the hold over to inflict pressure on the legs of Bourne.

Bourne finally releases the hold and both men are down and out.

The ref begins his count. is up to his feet, and he climbs up to the top rope and sets up for the "Shooting Star Press." Bourne dives off, but Swagger rolls out of the way and Bourne lands hard on the mat.

Swagger slowly gets up and backs up into a corner.

Bourne is up on one knee and Swagger charges forward like a raging bull and lands a huge Regal-like knee shot to the head of Bourne. He goes down hard and Swagger gets down and pins Bourne, one...two...Bourne just barely kicks out and Swagger signals for the "Third Degree."

He pulls Bourne to the middle of the ring by his leg. He gets the high-flyer up to his feet and delivers a hellacious kick to the sternum. He grabs Bourne and lifts him up, but Bourne reverses the powerbomb into a big time hurriacanrana that sent Swagger all the way to the outside of the ring.

Bourne gets out onto the apron and waits. Swagger, in a daze, gets up and turns around to face Bourne. Bourne dives and hits a huge shining wizard!

The crowd loves the spot and the ref is counting once again. One...two...three...four...five...six...Bourne rolls into the ring, seven...eight...nine...te...Swagger dives in at the last second almost getting counted out.

Bourne climbs up to the top rope and waits.

Swagger is slowly getting up, but he's holding on to the ref. Bourne dives off and Swagger ducks causing Bourne to hit the ref with his signature knee dive (which I am now dubbing as the "Last Flight"). The ref goes down hard and as Bourne was checking on the ref, Swagger slowly gets back up to his feet.

Swagger tries to clothesline Bourne from behind, but Bourne ducks the shot and hits a jumping roundhouse kick on Swagger! Bourne goes to the outside and stands on the apron and waits for Swagger to get up. Swagger gets up and faces Bourne in a daze.

Bourne springboards off of the top rope, but Swagger low blows him in mid flight.

Bourne goes down hard and Swagger starts to signal to the entry way. Out comes Lance Cade, and he has a steel chair! Cade enters the ring and Swagger gets Bourne up to his feet. Swagger holds up Bourne in front of Cade. Cade swings with all his might with the steel chair, but Bourne ducks and he hits Swagger.

Bourne then turns Cade around and hits a huge enziguri!

Swagger is out on his back in the middle of the ring. Bourne climbs up to the top rope. Another ref runs to the ring, and Bourne dives high and far and hits the biggest "Shooting Star Press" of his career!

He covers Swagger, one—two—three!

It's all over, and Evan Bourne advances in the the Race to Judgement Day Tournament!

Team Swagger all run down to the ring, but Bourne escapes through the crowd!

Team Swagger is livid!

(The camera then shows the replay of the highlights of the long matchup.)

Swagger then slowly gets up in a daze and grabs a mic and begins to talk out of breath.

Swagger: What the hell?! Where is your damn loyalty to me?! First you're seen backstage with Katie Lea Bitch-Hill and now you cost me my match?! I don't know about you Cade, but you seem a little too suspicious to me, and I'm beginning to believe that you are a traitor!

But don't worry we're not kicking your ass tonight, we got bigger things going on tonight. Just know that you'll be hearing from us on Tuesday at ECW and then later on from your boss, Jericho!

(Swagger throws the mic down at Cade's feet and he, along with Tony Atlas, leave the ring. The camera then shows Raven, RVD, Dreamer, and Paul Heyman talking about something backstage.)

Heyman: So you're completely sure that you want to go out there alone? You just saw what they tried to pull against Bourne, and he got lucky, but what makes you think that they wont try and do the same to you?

This is the ECW World Heavyweight Title around your waist, the biggest prize that we have to offer. They will do whatever's necessary to get that title back into their camp Robbie! You need us out there with you for support and protection. To make sure that this match will be fair.

What do ya man? Will you allow these guys to try and beat you at their own game, or will you let us protect you and your title?

RVD: I really appreciate this guys, I really do, but I have to do it alone. If you guys didn't show up in my match at Mania, Swagger would still be the champ and he would still be destroying everything we have ever believed in man.

Just let me go out here alone, I need to know if I still have what it takes to go to the limit. We all know that I'm not the young kid who had an endless amount of potential anymore. I'm now just plain ol' RVD, the ECW Champ. I just need to know if I can do it all alone bros, just trust me on this.

(Just as RVD begins to leave the locker room, Heyman places his hand on Rob's shoulder.)

Heyman: At least let me do you one small favor, man. The match is now an Extreme Rules match. Just watch your back and good luck!

Dreamer: From all of us. Burke is not an easy opponent. He has alot of skill and endless potential; he's sneaky just be on the look out. And another thing whe...

Raven: Just let the man go and fight. Goodluck bro, quote the Raven Nevermore.

(The camera then cuts to Tony Chimel in the middle of the ring.)

Chimel: The following contest is a Brand Supremacy Match: The rules are if any man on any team is pinned, his team loses and must not touch another member of the opposing team for the total of two months—for if anybody is to break that rule, he and his team will be suspended indefinitely!

All of a sudden Team Swagger's theme hits and Mark Henry, along with Paul Burchill, slowly stroll to the ring.

Out next is the ECW Originals and before they come out, the following video plays:

Then all of a sudden, out from the crowd, The ECW Originals enter the ring behind Team Swagger and begin pummeling chairs. As soon as they stop, the ref takes the chairs and throws them to the outside.


Brand Supremacy Tag-Team Match

Team Swagger (Paul Burchill and Mark Henry) vs The ECW Originals (Raven and Tommy Dreamer)

The bell rings and Dreamer covers Henry, one...two...Henry kicks out. Raven pulls Burchill to the middle of the ring and covers him, one...two...Burchill kicks out. Raven gets Burchill and throws him out of the ring.

Raven goes after him as Dreamer stays in the ring with Henry.

Dreamer bounces off of the ropes and delivers a baseball slide to the head of the downed Henry. He then begins to deliver punch after punch to the head of Henry, until he is busted open.

Dreamer then gets Henry up to his knees and delivers a huge DDT! He covers the big man, but out of the crowd, Lance Cade comes into the ring with the chair.

One...two...Cade hits Dreamer in the back, hard. Raven tries to fight him, but Cade smashes him in the face with the chair. Cade then drops the chair and goes to the outside and revives Burchill. They get a table from under the ring and slide it in. Cade enters the ring and sets it up.

Dreamer slowly gets to his feet, but Cade hits him with his sigature clothesline. He then gets the lifeless body of Dreamer up to his feet and delivers his huge spinebuster finisher!

Burchill grabs the chair and gets Raven up to his feet and delivers a huge Undertaker-like chair shot to the throat of Raven.

Raven falls and rolls out of the ring, grasping his throat as he coughs up blood. Burchill then goes to the outside and gets a ladder. He slides it in and sets it up. Cade throws Dreamer on the table and holds him down. Burchill grabs a chair and climbs up the ladder.

Burchill reaches the very top and dives off with a splash with the chair across his chest!

Exactly like what Dreamer did to him two months ago.

Mark Henry finally gets to his feet as he points at Raven. Cade goes to the outside and throws Raven into the steel steps hard.

(The screen splits as the camera shows RVD and Heyman locked in RVD's locker room with a forklift blocking it. The camera then cuts back to the match.)

Cade throws the lifeless Raven into the ring. Henry gets him up and hits the "World's Strongest Slam!"

Raven is out of it, and Cade drags him over to the corner as he and Burchill hold Raven down. Burchill has the legs as Cade has the arms. Henry gets the ladder and lays it across the sternum of Raven.

Henry slowly, but surely climbs up to the second rope and splashes hard on Raven!

He gets up and then picks Raven above his head and throws him from the inside of the ring through the announce table! He then bounces off of the ropes and splashes Tommy Dreamer who is laying in a pile of table debris.

He covers Dreamer, one—two—three! It's done and Team Swagger is now untouchable by the end of tonight.

Team Swagger and Lance Cade celebrate in the ring for a small while until they leave Cade in the ring all alone. RVD runs out and Cade escapes through the crowd!

RVD goes back into the ring with his title and awaits Elijah Burke.

Burke and Tony Atlas comes out and they seem to be in a very good mood.


ECW World Heavyweight Championship Title Extreme Rules Match:

Elijah Burke /w Tony Atlas vs Rob Van Dam (c)

Burke enters the ring and RVD spears him hard and begins to demolish him with right handed punches. RVD then stands up above him and holds on to the top rope and begins to stomp a mudhole in Burke.

RVD is full of rage!

RVD bends down and gets Burke up to his feet and strong irish whips him into a turnbuckle corner. Burke hits the corner hard! RVD charges towards him and begins to deliver numerous kicks to the sternum of Burke until he slides down into the corner.

RVD then starts stomping away at Elijah Burke!

RVD finally breaks away from Burke to pander to the live audience. Just as Burke begins to move, RVD dashes toward him and hits a huge low dropkick to the chest of Burke. RVD gets Burke up and starts pounding away at him with hard right hands, but Atlas has entered the ring behind RVD!

RVD turns around, and Atlas swings and hits RVD hard with a chair. Rob goes down and Atlas checks on the exhausted Burke. Burke slowly comes out of the corner and delivers a huge knee drop on the head of RVD. He then exits the ring and grabs the ring bell.

He gets back in and waits for RVD to get back to his feet. As soon as RVD stands, he turns around in a daze and Burke hits him in the head with the ring bell, busting RVD open!

Burke drops the bell and goes for the cover, one...two...RVD kicks out!

Burke can't believe what just happened.

He goes outside of the ring and gets a table, he slides it in, and then he goes back under the ring and gets a trashcan and throws it into the ring. He goes back under the ring and gets Tommy Dreamer's barbed wire wrapped bat and slowly begins to enter the ring.

The look in Burke's eyes is sick; the emotion running through RVD is valiant, and he slowly stands up in a daze and puts his fists up as he's ready for anything. Burke charges and swings, but RVD ducks it and hits the "Vandaminator," knocking the bat back into Burke's face!

Burke goes down grapsing his face in pain and terror. Burke pulls his hands away from his face and blood is all over his face. Atlas gets into the ring and RVD superkicks the hell out of Atlas! Burke rolls out of the ring holding his face.

RVD bounces off of the ropes and springboards off of the top rope to the outside and hits a huge hurricanrana on Burke—causing him to smash his face on the steel steps, and the crowd has erupted from that spot. RVD reaches to the inside of the ring and grabs the table and pulls it out.

RVD pulls the table out enough so that it could reach the barricade. RVD has the table set up on the outside stretching from the edge of the ring to the barricade. RVD gets the lifeless Burke up to his feet and lays him across the table. RVD grabs Burke by his hair and delivers three punches to the bloody head of Burke.

RVD climbs up to the apron and springboards off of the second rope and hits his spinning leg drop smashing himself and Burke through the table hard!

The live audience explodes!

RVD, barely able to stand from the carnage, gets yet another table. He sets it up inside the ring, but as soon as he turns around, Jack Swagger hits the "Third Degree" through the table on RVD!

Atlas gets Burke and rolls him into the ring and Swagger drags the badly beaten Burke over on RVD for the cover. Swagger goes to the outside and runs to the back. Atlas goes over to revive the downed ref.

The ref see's the cover, one...two...Evan Bourne lands an amazing shooting star press to save the count!

The crowd goes wild as they are excited to see their hero save RVD.

Atlas tries to hit him with the bat, but Bourne ducks and hits an enziguri on the Hall Of Famer. The rest of Team Swagger comes out and begins to chase Bourne through the crowd.

It's just RVD and Burke now.

They both slowly get to their feet and begin trading punches. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until RVD continues to take punishment from Burke.

Burke bounces off of the ropes and hits RVD hard with a clothesline. He throws RVD face first into the turnbuckle corner. RVD is in a big daze as he stands there lifeless. Burke backs away and then goes into a rage and charges forward at RVD.

He delivers a hellacious "Elijah Express!"

RVD goes down and Burke goes for the cover, one..two...RVD kicks out and the crowd is 100 percent behind RVD!

Burke begins to yell at the crowd and at RVD, gaining him more and more heat. Burke goes to the outside of the ring and gets the jumbo ladder!

He lays the ladder on the barricade and the ring just like RVD did with the table. Burke then gets another ladder, but this one is the regular sized ladder. He slides that one into the ring. He sets it up and then goes over to the downed RVD, who is completely out.

Burke screams and sets RVD up for the "Elijah Experience." As soon as he rocks backwards, RVD delivers a huge kick standing axe kick to Burke's face. Burke grabs his bloody face and as soon as he lets go, RVD delivers a huge turn kick to Burke's face again.

RVD sees the ladder on the outside set up by Burke, and then he looks at the ladder in the ring and yells, "E-C-W!"

He begins to climb, but so does Burke on the opposite side of the ladder. RVD slides back down and tips the ladder toward Burke, and he falls off of the Ladder onto the jumbo ladder!

RVD takes down the ladder on the inside of the ring. He brings it to the outside and sets it up a few feet away from the jumbo ladder. RVD gets the trashcan and puts it over the top half of Burke's body. RVD gets the barbed wired bat and beats the crap out of the trashcan on Burke's head, crushing it all around.

RVD then begins to climb the ladder, but he stops himself and looks down at Burke. He climbs back down and goes under the ring. He gets this long chain and wraps it around Burke and the ladder, causing Burke to be strapped down to the jumbo ladder.

RVD climbs the ladder and panders to the crowd, "R-V-D!"

RVD looks down and dives up high and lands the most amazing "Five Star Frogsplash!" through the ladder!

RVD holds his chest and sternum as he is hurt bad. He slowly crawls on top of the carnage and the ref counts, one—two—three!

It's all over, and RVD retains the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Title!

Paul Heyman comes out and celebrates with the very exhausted and worn out RVD. The crowd is amazed and satisfied. The whole arena is chanting at the top of their lungs, "THANK YOU ROB! THANK YOU ROB! THANK YOU ROB!"

As the ECW portion of Backlash ends.

For those who don't know, The Race to Judgment Day Tournament Brackets are as follows:

Jaime Noble


John Morrison


                                              v                        ??? v Shelton Benjamin




Evan Bourne                                                                                       


Thanks for reading ECW's version of Backlash, Good Night!




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