The Ugliest Looking Things in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2013

The Ugliest Looking Things in Sports

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    We've seen some really ugly routines in sports.

    Just like we would razz our buddy about his two-handed basketball shot, or that miserable batting stance your co-worker has in the company softball league, we have the right to turn away when certain athletes play their sports.

    It doesn't matter what kind of changes they hope to make, because these will forever be the ugliest sights in sports.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen's Foot Skills

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    Yeah, I admit that I'm picking on poor German goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, but come on now, this just can't happen—especially for a guy vying for a starting spot on next year's World Cup squad.

    Am I saying I could score on this guy if he were between the pipes?

    Not at all.

    But I'd be wary with how smoothly he might control a pass back to him after seeing this.

The Cleveland Indians Mascot, Slider

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    I'm sorry, but as a Cleveland sports fan, I just had to add in the most disgusting mascot ever created for a sports team: Slider.

    The team name is the Indians, yet the organization continues to have some weird, purple, dinosaur-looking thing run out there and dance every home game?

    To think that this damn thing is in the Mascot Hall of Fame is nothing but a complete debauchery.

Jim Furyk's Golf Swing

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    It might not cause the reactions that Charles Barkley's hideous golf swing does, but for a guy who is an actual professional golfer—and a successful one at that—it's still surprising at how off it is.

    Jim Furyk's swing might be herky-jerky and have a slight pause at the top of it, but he's won a U.S. Open, among other career accomplishments, so he probably doesn't care that I think it's very ugly.

Any NFL Defensive Tackle Running

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    We've probably all heard ESPN's Chris Berman do his classic "Rumbling, Stumbling, Bumbling" when a gigantic defensive player is doing all he can to run past guys on a football field.

    But just because it's entertaining to see doesn't mean it's necessarily pretty.

    These guys are strong as oxes and seem like they could run through a brick wall; it's just that their foot speed isn't exactly great.

Tropicana Field

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    Dear city of Tampa,

    Is it too much to ask for your professional baseball team to play in a stadium that is capable of actually accompanying its needs and attracting fans?

    Do you really feel like it's important to have special treatment for the catwalks that sit above the playing surface and cause headaches when a ball actually hits one?

    We plead that you build a new stadium, because "The Trop" is just about the worst thing housing a pro sports team today.

    No one can convince us that they actually look forward to playing in this place.

Kevin Youkilis' Batting Stance

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    To his credit, it's pretty remarkable that Yankees infielder Kevin Youkilis has lasted as long as he has in the big leagues with this type of batting stance.

    As a former Gold Glove-winner and All-Star, he's obviously proven that he has what it takes to hit major league pitching—it's just that watching him crouch down and leave his wrists so loose makes you wonder if he's just lucky or actually that good?

Brendan Haywood's Free Throw

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    I unfortunately couldn't find a video to post of current Bobcats center Brendan Haywood's free-throw motion, but if you've ever seen it, you know not to take notes.

    He squats down from his 7'' frame to about 3", then buckles his right elbow out a couple times and finally releases the ball what seems to be late every single time above his head.

    Haywood has only hit on 58 percent of his career charity-stripe attempts, so maybe it's time to change things up a bit?

Denver Broncos Throwbacks

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    There have been plenty of ugly throwbacks in sports, but I've taken upon myself to determine that the Denver Broncos' tribute to their 1960s team is without a doubt the most disturbing to look at.

    Not only is the color combo of mustard and brown a complete disaster, but those striped socks make them look like they're either prisoners or part of a circus show.

Ross Ohlendorf's Windup

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    For some, Nationals pitcher Ross Ohlendorf's windup is something beautiful.

    It's a throwback to some of the other crazy and quirky deliveries we've seen over the years in baseball, giving fans a brief view into the past.

    While Ohlendorf has proven thus far for it to be effective, we hate it, and wish that it were just normal like 99 percent of the other pitchers in baseball.

Philip Rivers' Throwing Motion

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    Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is living proof that there isn't only one way to successfully throw a football, because his slingshot-type motion is just as capable as the picture perfect passer's.

    While it works for Rivers, don't expect someone to come to him in order to film a Tom Emanski-style instructional video, because it definitely isn't the ideal way to be tossing around the pigskin.

Joakim Noah's Shot

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    Considering Joakim Noah even describes his shot as "unusual and a little different," so it's no surprise we fans find it pretty awful ourselves.

    As a two-handed knuckleball that somehow finds its way into the basket. Noah has proven it works for him; we just hate seeing him attempt it because it's an eyesore for sure.

Alex Buccilli's Batting Stance

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    Jeff Bagwell. Jay Buhner. Tony Batista.

    These guys all have one thing in common—weird batting stances.

    But thanks to college baseball, we've all been introduced to one of the best (err, worst) yet: Coastal Carolina's Alex Buccilli's, which uses his entire body to sway and distribute his weight before hacking at the ball.

    Honestly, if Buccilli didn't have a bat and helmet, we'd wonder if he were just a drunken homeless guy trying to keep his balance.

Shawn Marion's Shot

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    It's tough for me to crap on a guy like Shawn Marion because he's accomplished so much throughout his 14-year career.

    That includes an NBA title, four All-Star games and even finding his way onto the All-NBA Third Team twice.

    But there's always been something that's bothered me about Marion, and it's quite obviously his shooting stroke.

    By far one of the grossest things ever, it's like snapping a rubber band in its pullback and release.

Tim Tebow's Throwing Motion

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    To this day, I still don't understand how Tim Tebow continues to find himself on NFL rosters.

    Is he a winner and a good character guy?


    Does he lead by example with hard work and dedication?


    But does he throw the football like an NFL quarterback is expected to?

    Seeing that his career completion percentage is 47 percent, the answer to that is an obvious no.

    Tebow may be a guy who everyone finds themselves cheering for, but if he's ever lined up under center for your team, I'm sure you're hoping he's not throwing the football.