5 Reasons Why Chip Kelly Will Turn the Philadelphia Eagles Around

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistJune 11, 2013

5 Reasons Why Chip Kelly Will Turn the Philadelphia Eagles Around

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    When Chip Kelly decided that he would become the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, sportswriters, fans and football enthusiasts immediately starting salivating over the prospect of having a Chip Kelly offense in the City of Brotherly Love.

    With so many questions floating around, there was one thing we all understood right away. Coach Kelly, the man who ran the up-tempo, Don Draper-level creative offense at the University of Oregon, for better or worse, was about to change the way we look at NFL coaches for a long time to come.

    An innovator by trade, Kelly's offensive system will be predicated on tempo, creativity and versatility. And while he may be designing a new look for the Eagles on the offensive side of the football, it's the change of culture he's bringing to the table that should have Eagles fans impressed the most.

    So without further delay, start the slideshow below and check out five reasons why Chip Kelly will turn the Philadelphia Eagles franchise around.

His Attention to Detail

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    One reason that Chip Kelly will succeed in turning the Philadelphia Eagles around is because of his unwavering attention to detail. A coach who predicates the success of an organization on detail, routine and constant improvement, Kelly's understanding of how to run a great team gives him a real chance to turn his Eagles roster into a contender right away.

    Unlike Steve Spurrier—another exciting former big-time college coach who landed in the NFL—who was described as being a hands-off coach in certain aspects during his tenure with the Washington Redskins, Kelly is notorious for interacting with his coaches about all facets of the organization.

    Whether it was saying farewell to "Taco Tuesdays" and "Fast Food Fridays" or Chip's willingness to add new wrinkles into his spread scheme to make it more NFL friendly, Kelly's fascination with detail and the success paying attention brings should give Eagles fans a sense of relief.

His Willingness to Adapt

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    In an ego-driven world, it's rare to find a head coach who is willing to listen and adapt to make himself and, more importantly, the organization better.

    When Kelly took over the head coaching gig in Philadelphia, many people assumed that he would do things his way only and introduce this brand-new, complex offense into the league.

    But now that the media has gotten a chance to interview the players, Kelly himself and his assistant coaches, you get a better understanding for how smart this guy really is.

    According to Jordan Raanan of NJ.com, when talking to the Eagles offensive coaches, some interesting information surfaced.

    Many of the offensive coaches seemed to refute the perceptions floating around about what the Eagles are going to be this season with their new system in place under Chip Kelly. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said Kelly's offense isn't going to be all that different from the West Coast offense as it shares many similar concepts. Shurmur, of course, grew up on the WCO in Philadelphia under Andy Reid. Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland added that the Eagles are going to run a lot of the same plays that he ran last year at Alabama, just from more spread out formations. The schemes are very similar, he said. This I have to say was a little surprising to hear.

    This is such a crucial reason to why Kelly will turn this franchise around. Not only will he be implementing his own system and way of doing things, but his willingness to incorporate different aspects of successful NFL schemes will also provide this roster with every chance they need to succeed, making the Eagles instantly better from day one.

    This kind of progressive thinking reminds you of what Bill Belichick and Co. have been doing in New England for years.

His Belief in Sports Science and Player Health

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    Unlike his predecessor, Chip Kelly has long believed that sports science, the use of technology and player health are crucial elements to building a successful roster.

    Whether we're talking his about his "Flyswatter Guys" who hang around Eagles practices wearing shoulder pads armed with giant fly swatter looking things attached to their backs to bother quarterbacks or his Siri-like computer animated voiceovers that let players know what's next on the agenda, Kelly has embraced these unique approaches to better his players.

    As I pointed out earlier, when Kelly got rid of "Taco Tuesdays" and "Fast Food Fridays," he was making a bold statement that the healthier you are, the better you will be equipped to handle the feverish tempo this team is going to run at.

    From his customized player smoothies to his music-infused practices, you can't help but notice that Kelly has changed the culture of this Eagles team from the moment he walked in the door.

His Creative Approach

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    Look, we all know being creative doesn't always mean success will follow you. But Chip Kelly, a guy who just sees the game differently, has long been considered one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking minds in all of football.

    Going back to his days at the University of Oregon, Kelly's scheme became a modern marvel of the college football world. A fast-paced, hybrid spread scheme based on a quick tempo and flawless execution provided his Oregon Ducks with one of the most talked about and effective offenses to come along in recent memory.

    Predicating his dazzling spread offense off of the now-infamous zone-read, when Kelly arrived at Oregon, he changed the way offenses were run.

    As complex of a character as Chip Kelly is, a fitting way to describe him is as a "big data" thinker. When you talk about big data or equity mining, you think Nate Silver, the man who correctly predicted the 2012 presidential election. Like Silver, Kelly looks at his offense from an effectiveness and numbers vantage point.

    Kelly is fixated on the number of plays run in a game and the points per minute, two things you rarely hear when talking about other NFL head coaches.

    When you have a head coach who thinks about more than just X's and O's, you have found yourself in a situation most teams will never get the chance to be part of.

    Inspiring Bill Belichick, one of the greatest coaches of all time, has to instill some confidence in Eagles fans. Belichick, a student of the game and an innovative coach in his own right, considers Kelly to be a bright football mind.

    Needless to say, Kelly's trend-setting creativity on all sides of the football will become a major key to his success at this level.

He's a Players Coach

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    One final reason that Chip Kelly will turn this franchise around is that at his core, Kelly is a genuine players coach.

    For all of the innovation and change that he has already brought to the Eagles, it's his ability to connect with his players that will determine whether or not he finds himself in the NFL in the next five years.

    Kelly has installed an open-door policy for his players. He wants them to trust him and more importantly, he wants to answer their questions and understand their concerns, all while growing together as a team.

    Kelly is a smart enough guy to realize that the only way you can find success in the NFL—or at any level for that matter—is by having your players and coaches buy into what you're selling.

    In order for Chip Kelly to grow and guide this Eagles team back into playoff contention, he will need to become a master teacher, salesman and leader. If he can roll up all of his forward-thinking ways and build this Eagles team the right way, things will click, and folks, it will be a beautiful thing to watch!