Giants Fans, We Can Win It This Year!

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Giants Fans, We Can Win It This Year!
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Giants fans, stop thinking the worst of the Giants. Lots of fans are saying that the team can't go all the way, they have lots of reasons to what they are saying and here are three of them.

1. They don't have Plax, they cant win without him.

2. The Giants did not get any good wide receiver yet like Boldin; without a guy like that, Manning is not worth much.

3. The Eagles are too good, and they are just getting better. We did not beat them last year, so we will not win this year.

I think all of these reasons to think the Giants can't go all the way are wrong. The Giants are a good team, I think that the Giants will be the best team in the NFC.

The Cardinals QB is getting old, McNabb is shaky. Pittsburgh is good but not as good as the Giants, and the Saints and Panthers are a level under.

The Giants don't need Plax any more, they got the great Hakeem Nicks in the draft. He may not be Plax, but I think that he and Dominik Hixon are all Manning needs out of the wide receivers, because he has the great running back in Brandon Jacobs.

And it is not too late for them to go after Braylon Edwards or Boldin.

I think the the Eagles will be great, but not as good as the Giants. Their QB is just not as good as Eli Manning. Don't get me wrong; McNabb is a great player, I just think Eli Manning is on his way to being a elite QB.

McNabb is on his way out of his prime years, Manning is on his way in. And even if the Eagles are better than the Giants, they can both make the playoffs. And the best team  does not always win the Super Bowl.

Last year, Pittsburgh was not the best team in the NFL, it was the Titans. And if not the Titans, then the Giants or Eagles.

In 2007-2008, the Giants were not the best team in the NFL or the NFC, but they beat the best team in the NFL to win the Super Bowl.

And dont forget we have the No. 1 defence in the world, and defence wins championships. That is how we won the Super Bowl in 2007-2008.

So Giants fans, don't worry be happy! We can go all the way again! Yes, it would be nice if the Giants would pick up Edwards or Boldin.

But if the Giants don't get anyone this offseason they can still make the playoffs and go far. adding Chris Canty and Clint Sintum will really help, and having Osi Umenyiora back is cool.

I know it will take lots of work from the players, and they will need to stay healthy to win next season. But I think they can do it, and impress New York once again.

Go Giants!

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