Jets QB Mark Sanchez's Nifty Headband Draws Necessary Debate on Twitter

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

Photo Credit: Kim Jones Twitter
Photo Credit: Kim Jones Twitter

So, the New York Jets' offseason will most definitely feature a debate over the finer points of what Mark Sanchez is wearing on his head. 

CBS Sports brings us the latest from Gang Green: On Thursday, Mark Sanchez spoke with reporters who may have missed every last word the quarterback had to offer. That's because he was rocking this marvel atop his head, via's Kim Jones

Seeing as how last year's offseason featured a media firestorm over Tim Tebow, it makes sense that this season would feature coverage just as ridiculous. 

Having recently bid a fond farewell to Tebow, the Jets are welcoming a new quarterback controversy—and I am not talking about the one involving Geno Smith. 

No, this one has to do with Sanchez and his headband. For pertinent discourse, we head over to Twitter: 

Because this is the kind of story that will take us into the Jets' preseason, we simply have to get a closer look at the man who is apparently taking fashion advice from former NBA player Sasha Vujacic

Here is an alternative angle, via Kimberly Martin of Newsday

The NY Times' Judy Battista wishes to bring an end to the madness with this tweet. 

I beg to differ. 

If you are wondering what Sanchez had to offer during his fashion show of a press conference, Kimberly Martin has you covered. 

"I’m worried about me playing well, competing my butt off, being the starter, learning this offense, being the best teammate I can be, and other than that,” said Sanchez, “it’s really out of my hands.”

Sanchez said he feels like every season is “make or break,” so the second-round selection of Smith last week or the free-agent signing of veteran David Garrard hasn’t made him nervous.

I certainly believe that he isn't the least bit nervous, because that is the hairstyle of a man with the utmost confidence. 

It's another fantastic offseason for the Jets, complete with breaking news that only slightly revolves around actual football. 

Never change, fellas. 


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