Biggest Revelations from Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and D-12 Exit Interviews

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With their season unceremoniously swept into the dustpan by the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers' summer officially began Tuesday upon conclusion of the team's exit interviews with the media. To say that a few nuggets of interesting info were dropped would be a bit of an understatement.

After a tumultuous season where it was constantly on the ropes, being dispatched so quickly in the first round almost felt like a sigh of relief for the team and the fanbase.

There's a general sense after such a disastrous season, all culminating in the moment that Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon, that time off to get ready for next season is extremely desirable.

We've got to start out with perhaps the most important revelation of the exit interviews, and that's Kobe's television-watching habits since hurting his ankle:

I'm certain that Gasol's infatuation with of the King in the North is just a knee-jerk reaction, but Kobe seems to be a Stannis Baratheon kind of guy, perhaps even more the Daenerys type.

That's something I'll wrestle with myself a little bit later.

Kobe's health was a small topic of discussion for the exit interviews, Bryant both dispelling the notion that he played too many minutes this season and then asserting that he would be back and ready to play on day one:

Aside from that, there were two other things that Bryant was adamant about moving forward: Los Angeles is the place for Dwight Howard, and he wants to continue to play alongside Pau Gasol:

As far as Gasol coming back is concerned, Pau addressed the fact that there is definitely some uncertainty, but continued to reiterate that he would rather stay in Los Angeles than start over somewhere else:

Steve Nash, who conducted his interview on Monday, expressed his disbelief over the bad luck that the team had this season:

He was also right there with everyone else in the hope that Howard would return for the 2013-14 season, optimistic that the team will end up sticking together:

Finally we got around to the good stuff, a conversation with Dwight Howard that will likely be dissected for weeks to come.

Howard addressed his back, which he admitted was a problem throughout the season:

The first "shots fired" moment of the day came when Howard gave his thoughts on how well Mike D'Antoni did with the players at his disposal.

Howard was definitely more critical of D'Antoni than anybody else throughout the day, and his comments were much more focused on the negative aspects than those of his teammates:

Through most of those first two quotes, everything that Howard said was completely defensible, as it's what a lot of us were saying for most of the year.

However, once he uttered, "Whether we liked it or not," it was evident which camp Howard was in with regard to D'Antoni.

Howard got the question about his attitude as well, which he drew a lot of flak for all throughout the season:

In terms of where he plans on playing next season, Howard expectedly dodged the subject:

However, he did pretty much sum up his first-year experience in Los Angeles in a single, succinct quote:

This was the transition between the end of a monumentally disappointing season and one of the most uncertain offseasons in Lakers history.

While there were definitely more questions posed than answered here, we've got a good starting point to derive what will happen in the next few months in Los Angeles.

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