With Darrelle Revis Gone, New York Jets Should Continue Cleaning House

Joshua Axelrod@jaxel222Correspondent IApril 29, 2013

Mark Sanchez will hopefully be off the Jets' roster by the time the 2013 season starts.
Mark Sanchez will hopefully be off the Jets' roster by the time the 2013 season starts.Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The New York Jets need to completely start over by getting rid of their biggest names.

It looks like they are starting the rebuilding process already. Not only did the Jets wisely trade superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they released an arguably bigger star— backup quarterback Tim Tebow—this morning.

These are some of the first positive moves the Jets have made in months. They send a message that the organization is serious about restructuring itself into a cohesive unit devoid of big personalities and lackluster talent.

Better late than never for a team in desperate need of a clean slate. No team in the NFL is in more need of a drastic overhaul than the Jets.

New York probably gets the most coverage of any NFL team because of its entertaining unpredictability, which was highlighted in 2010 when the Jets’ preseason was chronicled on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

The media circus certainly is not because of the team’s roster talent, which has been lacking in recent seasons. The Jets finished their 2012 campaign with a 6-10 record and a billion questions moving forward.

Now it is time for them to send their big names packing to show how serious they are about starting from scratch to eventually create a contender. 

The first player that needs to go is quarterback Mark Sanchez. This move looks pretty likely anyway, as sources have told ESPN that the Jets will at least consider cutting Sanchez.

It is hard to decide where to start when discussing the reasons that Sanchez should never be allowed to be an NFL starting quarterback again. After leading the Jets to the AFC Championship Game in his first two seasons as New York’s starter, he has regressed to the point that their continual faith in him is laughable.

In his four years as a Jet, Sanchez has racked up a touchdown to interception ratio of 74-to-69. He finished the 2012 season with 13 touchdown passes, 18 interceptions, nine fumbles and a 23.4 QBR – the lowest of his career.

Oh, and he also produced one of the most embarrassing highlights ever in the form of the infamous butt fumble. For those who believe the healing process can only begin when an organization hits rock bottom, that was about as low as it gets.

With veteran quarterback David Garrard on the roster and the newly drafted Geno Smith waiting in the wings, there is no reason for the Jets to keep Sanchez. They should dump him and his cap-hurting salary with extreme prejudice.

Next up on the chopping block: Wide receiver Santonio Holmes. 

The man is a productive receiver when he is happy and healthy, but he has been neither for quite some time now. Holmes has proven himself to be a Chad Johnson-esque diva who the Jets keep humoring for some reason.

The former Pittsburgh Steeler is a loudmouth who likes to throw his coaches under the bus and will dog it if things are not going his way. Plus, like Revis, he is coming off a major injury.

Holmes is a cancer to the Jets. Sanchez may not be the most talented player, but he does not actively try to disrupt the team’s football operations. Holmes is not worth the headache for the Jets at this point in his career.

The next victim of this cutting spree should be cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

Sure, the Jets are a little thin at cornerback after the loss of Revis. But they still have Kyle Wilson and just drafted Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner with one of their first-round draft picks.

If Milliner proves himself worthy of starting right away, there is no reason to keep Cromartie. He has only tallied 15 interceptions in five seasons after that incredible 10-interception campaign he had with the San Diego Chargers in 2007, which is a huge regression.

Cromartie is getting older and will always be open to jokes about the fact he has 12 children with eight different women. Again, the Jets need players who can produce without calling too much attention to themselves. Cromartie does not fit that profile. 

Honestly—and this is probably not possible at this point—the Jets should let coach Rex Ryan go too. Ryan cannot handle the personalities on this team and the fact the he still has so much confidence in Sanchez’s abilities puts his coaching judgment into question.

What the Jets really need to do is to completely distance themselves from the Ryan regime by firing him and getting rid of Sanchez, Holmes and Cromartie.

At this point, the stars are just holding the Jets back. Setting them free is just what the Jets need to start anew without any pressure.