This Is My Live Blog For The NFL Draft.

Anthony WeigelContributor IApril 25, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - JANUARY 1: Quarterback Matthew Stafford #7 of the University of Georgia warms up for play against the Michigan State Spartans at the 2009 Capital One Bowl at the Citrus Bowl on January 1, 2009 in Orlando, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Hey everyone! It's a wonderful time of the year with 2 straight days of the NFL draft. I am going to do this live for as long as I can and just comment on the picks and what I thought they should've done. Let's get rolling.

Detroit: Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
I watched this guy play in college and he really has a monster arm and I think he is a really good player. The Lions did make the correct choice here but now they need to protect him. They've given him a great target in Calvin Johnson and he will help the Detroit Lions.

St Louis Rams: 2nd Overall Jason Smith OT Baylor
I like this pick as well. I won't lie, I never saw this guy play in college but generally, tackles are some of the safest picks in the NFL draft. (see Mandorich if you want to see possibly the biggest bust in NFL history) The Rams absolutely selected for need here instead of taking the best player available.

I do like this pick because Bulger has a chance of staying up now but the Rams would've done fine with Aaron Curry or Michael Crabtree since Donnie Avery is not the answer there.

Kansas City Chiefs: 3rd Overall Tyson Jackson, DE LSU
This team has to go defense of some kind. Their offense would be awesome with Crabtree here but having a linebacker who can blitz and play with Derrick Johnson would be a huge boost to that defense...they ended up taking Tyson Jackson.

I understand this pick because this team could NOT get to the QB last season. I don't really like it because since they play a 3-4, I would rather build up my line backing core and have guys that can fly around and cause havoc. Not a bad pick though.

Seattle Seahawks:  4th Overall Aaron Curry, LB WF

The Seahawks have so many needs. They need a wide receiver, they need someone to go with Tatupu and I think they should take the best player available and take Curry. I think this is a great pick. The Seahawks needed to help him and he's got his help. This is going to be a linebacking core that can fly around. They are very athletic and I really like this pick. This guy is a monster.

Cleveland Browns traded to the NY Jets: 5th Overall Mark Sanchez, QB USC

This will tell us a lot about Cleveland's plans for the future. If they take Michael Crabtree here, they may have a deal in place to trade Braylon Edwards. Those two receivers are almost the same in that they are more big possession guys and not speed guys. Also, if they take Mark Sanchez, they will obviously be shopping either/both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. This should be really interesting. I think they need to take a tackle either offensive or defensive.

Wow the Jets traded up to get this pick. They will take Mark Sanchez. This is an absolute need pick for the Jets. I am not a big fan of USC QBs in general. They aren't bad players but they look so good in college because that USC team could compete with some professional teams. They have a lot of opportunities to run up their stats and I think they are inflated a little.

That being said, this is a great pick for the Jets and I applaud their initiative in going and getting their man. He's got a good arm and is used to an NFL system. He is a good fit here.

Cincinatti Bengals: 6th Overall Andre Smith OT 'Bama

I think here Cincinatti will take the next best offensive tackle available. They NEED to protect Carson Palmer and this pick will go a long way to keeping a very good QB off the ground. Now, this guy I've actually seen. This guy is absolutely massive and played on a great offensive line. He will be great for Carson Palmer and this guy will be a stud at left tackle in the NFL.

Oakland Raiders 7th Overall Darrius Heyward-Bay WR Maryland

This team has so many needs that no pick they make here can be a bad one. I think getting a target for Russell to throw to would help but I could also see Davis taking the speed guy (Maclin) instead of the best receiver. This team is too screwed up so I am not going to guess. Let's see :) OMG.....I actually cannot believe what I just saw. They took the fastest guy in the draft but he is not ready for the NFL...this is looking like my Vikings and Troy Williamson all over again. OMG thats all I can say

Jacksonville Jaguars: 8th Overall Eugene Monroe OT UVA

Now, this team absolutely 100% cannot pass on Michael Crabtree. They have needed a dynamic receiver since Jimmy Smith and this will go a long way to helping. They have to draft this guy and I cannot see a reason to take anyone else. Maybe Jeremy Maclin here but that wouldn't be smart because I think not taking the best receiver in the draft is just dumb. They took Eugene Monroe. He will solidify their offensive line but this team will still struggle to score points. I think that although they did address a need, they needed to take a WR and I think they missed it there.

Green Bay Packers: 9th Overall B.J Raji DT BC

As much as I don't like this team, being a Vikings fan, I think they will either take B,J Raji, which would fill a need. They also could trade with a team that wants Michael Crabtree and could draft him since Ted Thompson normally drafts the best player available. I think they will take Raji because they need to find a way to handle Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte. I like this pick for the Packers. It's what they needed and it will help them in their quest to get back to the Summit of the NFC Noth.

San Francisco 49ers: 10th Overall Michael Crabtree WR TTU

The 49ers have to take a wide receiver here. They have been linked with Jeremy Maclin but that was assuming that Crabtree was not going to be on the board. If they are both there, I think the 49ers have to take the best player available and that is Michael Crabtree. Let's see what they do. This is a great pick for the 49ers. He is the 2nd best player in this draft and they got great value at number 10. This will help the 49ers immediately and I love this pick

Buffalo Bills: 11th Overall Aaron Maybin DE PSU

I think the Bills here will go offensive tackle. They just traded Jason Peters to the Eagles and amassed lots of picks because of it. They need a left tackle and Peters didn't want to be there so I think that is where the Bills will go.

On a random note, I am very interested to see where Jeremy Maclin goes now. It seemed form the mock drafts that Crabtree and Maclin would go ahead of the Vikings and they would have quite a few WR to choose from. Now that Maclin very well could be there at 22...this pick is becoming a lot more intriguing.

I am very intrigued by this Aaron Maybin pick. He is a very good player and the Bills needed a pass rusher. This guy looks very versitiale and talented and I think he will be a good addition. I think the Bills maybe should've taken a tackle to help out their QB but if TO doesn't stay there, (which I don't think he will) this will help shore up the defense.

Denver Broncos: 12th Overall Knowshon Moreno, RB UGA

I have no idea where the Broncos are going to go with this pick. I would've said they would select Mark Sanchez had he fallen this far because Kyle Orton is not the solution. however, I do not see them taking Josh Freeman with this pick. Maybe at 18 but not here. They have a lot of needs on defense seeing as they could not stop anyone last year. I would not be surprised if Orakpo goes here.

That is a surprising pick to me. I think this will be great since they have a really good running back and he will do well with this team. With all the help they need on the defensive side of the ball, I am shocked that they took a running back. They really stole the Eagles pick here.

Washington Redskins: 13th Overall Brian Orakpo DE Texas

The Redskins took Brian Orakpo. I think this is great value and I really think he will help this team. This means they will not resign Jason Taylor and I think this will really help their defense.

New Orleans Saints: 14th Overall Malcolm Jenkins, DB OSU

The Saints here will probably take a running back. Reggie Bush is not really an every down back and a combo platter of thunder and lightning would be great for the Saints and Drew Brees. The Saints still also need help on defense and it will be interesting to see what they do with this pick. I think the Saints should take Malcolm Jenkins. This is a great pick. They have needed defensive help for a long time and I really like this pick for them. I do think they will move him to safety but he is a good player, a very intelligent player and he will immediatey help this team.


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