Draft Day Dilemma and the Hope for the Super Bowl

James Senbeta@@BetaGetsBusyCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

OK so my best friend and I are talking about today’s draft and all of the sudden I get the dreaded text message, “Baby I’m bored. Can we go somewhere today?”

I know some of you are thinking, “Are you mad? You can’t do this on draft day!” or “Dude she’s not worthy of you.” But before we go sports-uneducated girlfriend bashing I must say I have a plan.

First to note is the NFL Draft. ESPN’s coverage begins at 4 pm and the first round selections are 10 minutes each with the Eagles, so far, at No. 21. So if 21-1 still equals 20, and 20 x 10 still equates to 200 then I’m safe until 7 pm since, work with me now, three hours is 180 minutes and 180 < 200.

I know, no need to whip out the math from back in the day, but it plays into my master plan as a whole. I’m taking the girlfriend to the Philadelphia Zoo, and since it closes at 5 pm I have plenty of time to drop her back off at her place and meet up with my best friend to watch the draft.

Now we are draft ready and prepared for the future of the Eagles. I have a feeling they are going RB in the first round, WR in the second round, and TE in the third.

The most likely scenario is that we draft Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno at 21, but is there a possibility that the Eagles can get him as far down as pick 29? A few likely happenings could make that probable.

First there is the Michael Crabtree factor. The man has basically talked himself out of the top five, and if both the Jaguars and the 49ers pass on him then look for the Redskins and Jets to be in the mix. Unlike the Jets, the Redskins need major help in the trenches so it is feasible that the Jets could pluck Crabtree at 17.

Not necessary but maybe helpful is the love the Patriots have for USC LB Brian Cushing, enough so that they will trade their first and second to the Saints to draft him. The Hoodie traded up last year for USC LB Jerrod Mayo so do not put this in the realm of the impossible. That would give the Saints the viability to draft Beanie Wells at No. 23.

Then there is the love of Darrius Heyward-Bey by the Giants, leaving Eagles fans with disbelief of trading with a division rival on draft day. The way that trade would work is that the Giants give up 29, 45, 91, and 100 selections for the Eagles' 21, 53, and 81 draft picks.

If the Saints do trade down then there would be no problem for the Eagles to trade down in the first and trade up in the second round at the same time. Moreno is still the guy and the birds are still in the hunt for a first round wideout, a la Hakeem Nicks.

Regardless of such possibilities, the Eagles still have a great chance of landing Anquan Boldin trade their second round selection to Arizona, along with a departure of (Reggie or Sheldon) Brown. The only variable of that trade would be the renegotiation of Boldin’s contract, he wants $10 million and the Eagles would prefer $8-9 million.

In the third, Andy Reid is looking for his favor prospect all offseason, Mizzou TE Chase Coffman. “Eagles TE Scouting” is really a telling sign for the team that rarely tips their hand in trades or drafting.  Coffman is an excellent receiver with toughness and blocking ability at 6’6” 250 lbs.

Though he sparingly lined up traditionally next to the tackle, there is no doubt Reid believes he would be the prototypical tight end in his offense. Imagine a more athletic Chad Lewis with this guy, Heath Miller (CBSSports.com), Jason Witten, or as one site stated "Coffman is a great all-around tight end who has the complete package" (Scout.com). Garry Cobb of WIP is thumbs up on this guy.

Between the four and fifth rounds, the Eagles will work on cornerbacks, with two of the fifth round selections trade for a fourth rounder. The later rounds are a tossup, but it would not be a surprise to see an offensive or defensive lineman from rounds five to seven.

At least I can do Dave & Buster’s 6 pm on. Freedom!