5 Pieces of Advice Tim Tebow Would Give Johnny Manziel

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IApril 13, 2013

5 Pieces of Advice Tim Tebow Would Give Johnny Manziel

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    Johnny Manziel became the youngest player to receive the Heisman Trophy this past December when he won following a stellar freshman season at Texas A&M. He is heading into his sophomore year with a lot of hype and is in the spotlight of every major network across the country.

    Another player had similar success in his early years and has turned his brand into one of the biggest in the country. That player is Tim Tebow, and there are some things about newfound fame that Tebow would likely share with Manziel if the two crossed paths.

    It is tough to survive and thrive in the spotlight, but Manziel has the ability to do it this season as a rising sophomore. Here is a look at the five points Tebow would make to the rising star as he heads into his second year as the Aggies' starting quarterback. 

Stay Humble

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    Winning the Heisman Trophy brings a number of perks, including appearances. One of those was Johnny Manziel’s recent trip to a Texas Rangers game, where he threw out the first pitch.

    Tim Tebow won the award as a sophomore, and he played two more seasons with the Gators. He understands what it is like to return to the team and ignore the hype surrounding you.

    Manziel needs to do the same. At this point, he knows he is an elite player, but single players don’t win football games.

    The Aggies are on their way to becoming a nationally elite program with Manziel at the helm, but he has to stay humble throughout the process. 

Build a Brand

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    Whether it is the Jockey ads that have taken over magazines and downtown Manhattan or the Nike campaign, Tebow knows how to build a brand.

    Johnny Manziel has a lot of college football left, but he has already begun to build his brand. Tebow would tell him to continue.

    Manziel has used lawsuits to protect the name “Johnny Football,” and the brand grew as every ESPN announcer used the name all last fall. As Manziel continues to rise to stardom, he will capture more attention and will need to grow his brand.

    As Tebow has proven with his shaky NFL career, you should always have a backup plan. 

Don’t Listen to Detractors

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    Tim Tebow has many detractors, but the quarterback refuses to give up. He may not be the best quarterback in the NFL, but his perseverance and hard work make him one of the most respected in the league.

    As the new season takes off, Manziel will do all he can to stay on top of the college football world, but he may be labeled as a “system” quarterback in the Kevin Sumlin spread.

    No matter what's said about Manziel in the next few years, the system he plays in or his results, he needs to press on with his goals in order.

    Taking time to listen to too much negative or positive talk will pull Manziel away from the focus he needs to win football games. 

Focus on the Pass

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    One of the biggest issues that has plagued Tim Tebow since entering the league is his throwing motion.

    Manziel hasn't experienced the same criticisms about his throwing motion, but it needs immediate focus this year. He has to improve in every way possible, but he has to prove that he can be a pure passer.

    Robert Griffin III proved that you can be successful as a running quarterback with Manziel's size, but it is Griffin’s passing ability that makes his game what it is.

    If Manziel wants to make it at the next level, he has to become an athletic pure passer. 

Become a Complete Quarterback

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    For Manziel to become an elite quarterback who can take the next step, he has to learn to study. He has to study more football than the playbook that is given to him at Texas A&M, and he needs to learn defense.

    Many attributes make a complete quarterback, but being able to analyze football in every aspect makes a perfect one.

    Peyton Manning is as good as he is for a reason. He has studied a lot of film, and he understands the game. There is a bright future ahead for Manziel if he stays steady throughout the next few years, but he has to become a solid student of the game.