The 20 Surliest Dudes in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2013

The 20 Surliest Dudes in Sports

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    If you're a person who loves to talk to everyone—like we do—there probably aren't too many players out there who would refer to you as being surly.

    For those who don't know the word, it means short, ill-tempered and a pretty much rude dude.

    As you'd imagine, there are plenty of people in sports who fit this profile, which is why we just couldn't help but offer our opinion on the worst culprits.

Tony Stewart

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    To say that Stewart has a temper is like saying Michael Jordan was a pretty good basketball player in his day.

    Stewart lays into reporters, opposing drivers and the entire sport of auto racing anytime he gets the chance to, and isn't shy about letting his emotions get the best of him sometimes.

Paul Bissonnette

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    Though Paul Bissonnette is an athlete we'd hang out with, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a short temper when it comes to his playing style.

    Sure, there are other guys who get in more fights and rack up the penalty minutes, but the Coyotes winger is about as intense as they come.

    For as outgoing as he is on social media, wouldn't you think he'd be more vocal to the media? Yeah, us too.

John Calipari

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    As a UK grad, we find it funny listening to Cal's halftime or postgame interviews when he's asked about his team.

    It usually consists of the coach giving completely arbitrary answers, comparing his players and teams to real-life things.

    We love Cal, but in college basketball we're not sure there's a coach who uses the media better to help inspire his players.

Jay Cutler

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    Cutler is one of the absolute worst athletes to watch in an interview during the football season.

    Of all the current NFL quarterbacks, he seems to be the one who just hates his job the most for some reason, often complaining about teammates or just being bored with answering reporters questions.

    At least he's proven recently that he has some sense of humor, but we'd like to see it come out more often.

Rajon Rondo

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    Though we hate to admit it, Rondo is a superstar.

    If his four All-Star appearances and single NBA championship aren't enough to convince you, just look at the versatility in his numbers as a 6'1" point guard.

    There's just one problem with him—his stubbornness and attitude.

    He's been involved in a couple of on-court fights, shared his thoughts on opposing teams and had a couple tiffs with head coach Doc Rivers over the years.

Richard Sherman

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    Richard Sherman has all but proclaimed himself to be the best corner in the league. And though there are other DBs who might argue with him, he's definitely not too far off.

    Sherman's ability on the field stems from a small—or big—chip he seems to have on his shoulder.

    The Seahawks' corner isn't necessarily dirty, but as a great trash-talker, he's rude enough to get under opposing players' skin to effect their game—just ask Tom Brady.

Metta World Peace

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    In terms of strictly having a short temper, Metta World Peace may have the worst one of any athlete in sports right now.

    Constantly chirping to other players and actually going after them physically, he's a brute force that intimidates players in a variety of ways.

    If you've ever heard him talk to a reporter before, you know he's absolutely the opposite of being short with them, but he's surly because of what he actually says to them, often not making any sense at all.

Jordin Tootoo

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    Unless you're a teammate of his, Tootoo's an irritating little guy, isn't he?

    Known for his physical play throughout his career, the Red Wings' winger will go after anyone who he feels needs to be hit.

    He may not be the biggest guy in the league, but he's fearless and plays as tough as anyone.

Kyle Busch

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    Just look at Busch in that picture. The racer looks like he's straight mean-muggin' the hell out of someone.

    As one of the most aggressive drivers on the track, Busch has had several run-ins with both the media and other drivers.

    There's nothing more we'd like to do than link-up to some of his NSFW rants, but unfortunately you'll have to settle for this observation on one of his blow-ups instead.

Ndamukong Suh

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    The former No. 2 overall pick appears to be a nice guy—and quite the daredevil as evidenced by his participation on the reality show "Splash"—but he's a complete jerk on the football field.

    Leaving no mercy for anyone who gets in his way, the Lions' defensive tackle resorts to some bush league tactics in order to show his physicality—both on and off the gridiron—but at least he knows that he's an easy target for criticism.

Andrew Bynum

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    We're not sure what it is about Andrew Bynum but he just seems like a squirrely dude to us for some reason.

    Though he's mostly quiet, we've seen him prove otherwise with some of his off-court hoopla.

    He could potentially be a terrific player—if he ever gets healthy—but we're not sure he'll ever be a great interview.

Mario Balotelli

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    The AC Milan and Italian international striker is one of the most charismatic athletes in sports, sporting a thin mohawk and an attitude that would make Latrell Sprewell proud.

    Balotelli is a mercurial talent when his head is right, but for lacking a consistent mentality while out on the pitch—and seemingly confusing himself on how he wants to be portrayed in the tabloids—he's one of the most curious cases of surliness.

Josh Beckett

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    Josh Beckett is one of baseball's hottest heads while on the bump.

    Featuring mid-90s heat and a wicked changeup to right-handed hitters, he commands respect every fifth day.

    Unfortunately for him, the Dodgers' pitcher can allow his emotions to get the best of him at times, making him a target for criticism.

Skip Bayless

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    When a loud-mouth like Mavs owner Mark Cuban relishes the fact that he punked-out Skip Bayless, you know there has to be something wrong with the guy.

    Let's just ask the question—has anyone ever seen Bayless be happy about something?

    As intelligent and knowledgeable about sports as he is, we'd assume he'd show some excitement and respect towards the talents of LeBron James and other guys he bashes.

    Yet we're still waiting for that day to come.

Kurt Busch

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    We've mentioned Kurt Busch before in numerous articles as routinely falling on the "Most Hated Athlete" lists each year thanks in part to his temper and interviews.

    But even when we think we've seen it all from the NASCAR driver, he goes the extra mile to prove that he truly is just a Grade A jackass to anyone around him.

Tiger Woods

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    Tiger may be back atop the world golf rankings, but that doesn't mean he's anymore likable.

    Yes, we all cheer for him because we have a quiet adoration stemming from his early success when we thought the guy could do no wrong—and because he's most likely the sole reason any of us even golf.

    But between his on-course antics and stubbornness, he's not exactly the easiest guy to be around.

Philip Rivers

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    Philip Rivers lands this high because he's a completely opposite person between the lines than he is outside of them.

    His spouts with former AFC West foe Jay Cutler are well-known, and then there was that whole thing between the Colts fans and him.

    Rivers isn't quite at T.O. level but he's proven over the years that while wearing pads, he's about as surly as they come.

Kobe Bryant

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    Though Kobe Bryant claims not to even know what the word surly means, he's by far the definition of the term amongst today's athletes.

    Let's face it, "Vino" might be getting ever better with age, but that doesn't mean he's not a cranky old man sometimes, voicing opinions on teammates in the media, mocking former mates or just leaving reporters in the cold.

    You can't help but admire the guy, but the dude is a real jerk sometimes.

Bill Belichick

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    Though Bill Belichick is one of the best minds in NFL history—or he just got lucky having Tom Brady as his quarterback—there's no denying he's extremely tight-lipped when it comes to voicing his opinion.

    In fact, the Pats coach has been blasted by the media before for giving the could shoulder on some instances.

    We'll give Belichick this, when he does talk, it's absolutely to the point.

Gregg Popovich

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    Oh boy, who but Greg Popovich takes home the crown here?

    The Spurs head coach is one of the all-time greats on the sidelines—as proven by his four NBA titles—but if a reporter is hoping to get anything out of the guy, we wish them the best of luck, 'cause it's definitely not happening.

    We look forward to hearing even more tremendous reporter stiffings by Pop throughout playoff season.