San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers Needs to Shut His Mouth

BobAnalyst IJanuary 13, 2008

Chargers QB Philip Rivers has a bad attitude, that is for sure.

Watching the San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts gave me bad memories of how Terrell Owens used to act on a regular basis.

A cocky, bad sport.

Rivers when walking off the field for his injury was jawing at Colts fans, giving them a piece of his mind because his team was on top and he could.

Something the Owens of old would do.

Rivers then repeated the act after watching his defense stop Peyton Manning from converting on fourth down with 38 seconds remaining the game.

He constantly jawed. I have no clue what he said, but he definitely was not asking Colts fans how their new job was going.

Has he not won enough games to not have to be so arrogant? He is in the playoffs.

I do not know but if I were a Chargers fan I would want my quarterback being more interested in what is going on during the game rather than what fans have to say.

Unfortunately Rivers seems to be coming out as the new OLD Terrell Owens of the NFL.

Someone needs to get their quarterback under control before he starts getting himself in trouble on and off the field.

Maybe Rivers needs a reality check?

I personally have not seen the great quarterbacks of the league ever talking trash to their own teammates on a regular basis, let alone opposing fans.

Rivers, you are not going to make it far in this league being a cocky and arrogant. No one is going to want to put up with you.

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