NFL: 2008 Power Rankings and Predictions

Drake EckCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

Here is my ranking of NFL teams 1-32.

(I don't have descriptions on why they are ranked liked this, but I do have a playoff bracket.)


32.Detroit Lions
31.Oakland Raiders
30.Cincinnati Bengals
29.Kansas City Chiefs
28.San Francisco 49ers
27.St. Louis Rams
26.Seattle Seahawks
25.Houston Texans
24.San Diego Chargers
23.Cleveland Browns
22.Jacksonville Jaguars
21.Buffalo Bills
20.Chicago Bears
19.Green Bay Packers
18.New Orleans Saints
17.Philadelphia Eagles
16.New York Jets
15.New England Patriots
14.Dallas Cowboys
13.Baltimore Ravens
12.Denver Broncos
11.Washington Redskins
10.Minnesota Vikings
9.Miami Dolphins
8.Arizona Cardinals
7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6.Atlanta Falcons
5.Indianapolis Colts
4.Pittsburgh Steelers
3.Carolina Panthers
2.Tennessee Titans
1.New York Giants


       AFC                               NFC
1.Tennessee Titans          1.New York Giants
2.Pittsburgh Steelers        2.Carolina Panthers 
3.Miami Dolphins              3.Arizona Cardinals
4.Denver Broncos            4.Minnesota Vikings                             
5.Indianapolis Colts          5.Atlanta Falcons
6.Baltimore Ravens           6.Tampa Bay Buccaneers    

          Wild Card                   Wild Card      
       BAL vs. MIA (BAL)          TB vs. ARI (TAMPA)
        24   -   20                       13       -    9
      INDY vs. DEN (INDY)      ATL vs. MIN (ATL)
       21    -     18                 33     -     24

          Divisional                    Divisional
     BAL vs. TENN (BAL)      TB vs. NYG (NYG)
      34   -    30                     10      -     28  
     INDY vs. PIT (INDY)    ATL vs. CAR (CAR)
      17    -    14                 27     -     30 

         Conference                  Conference
         MIA vs. INDY (INDY)     CAR vs. NYG (CAR)
         24    -   35                       28   -     27

                                Super Bowl XLIII
                               INDY vs CAR (INDY)
                                21    -   20