Chris Paul's Unbelievable Jordan Shoe Collection Will Make Sneakerheads Jealous

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2013

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Photo via

For every assist star point guard Chris Paul drops, he acquires a pair of sneakers. Or 10.

Alright, I'm actually kidding, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

Paul's wife, Jada (h/t, posted a picture on her Instagram account of her husband's shoe "museum."

Emphasis on "museum."

The couple apparently had to devote an entire bedroom of their house to the shoe-induced cause, and what Jada captures in the picture is only a "portion" of Paul's collection.

For those concerned, I'm fairly certain Little Chris wasn't displaced in the name of his father's shoes. They likely have enough bedrooms. I wouldn't be surprised if Little Chris had his own toddler-shoe museum at this point

But we digress.

Let's address that sound you're currently hearing around the globe. It's the cadence of sneakerheads awash with envy, the Jordan brand cashing in on that envy and females (and maybe Dennis Rodman) drooling over how many pairs of heels and UGGs they could cram into this here museum.

Don't pretend you're not shocked either.

We already knew that Paul was receiving monthly shipments of kicks. We had know idea that also meant he was the founder of a museum that rivals the Smithsonian.

In the image alone, we can see hundreds of pairs of Jordans. That this is just a "portion" of his collection is absurd. And awesome.

Lovers of footwear know that if they had a bankroll or free access like Paul, they'd take advantage of it as well. After all, doesn't a pair of sneakers or 10 a day, keep bare feet at bay?

If you're currently feeling a twinge in your neck that's not the jealousy navigating the rest of your nervous system. It's a slight elevation in astonishment.

We know Paul receives shipments of shoes, and we know he has a sneaker palace to store them in. What's with all the empty spaces? Did he simply take those kicks on a road trip, or does he actually (gasp) have room for more?

Jordan representatives better send out a fleet of trucks brimming with new gear. They can't have the curator of their brand with barren slots in his museum.

As for when Paul eventually runs out of room, I'm not sure what he'll do.

Maybe he'll knock down some walls and expand. Perhaps he'll ask to rent a room in your house. Maybe he'll buy your house just for his shoes.

Either way, keep that amassing of sneakers coming along, Chris.

Like most girlfriends, a point guard can never have too many shoes.