Chris Paul's Monthly Shoe Shipment Is Better Than Yours

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2013

Chris Paul has more shoes than you, your friends and the street on which you live—combined.

Per, the Los Angeles Clippers' point guard put his latest monthly shipment of Jordan Brand kicks on full display over Super Bowl weekend:

It's no secret that Jordan Brand blesses all of their athletes with just about each shoe in their catalog. Over the last few weeks Chris Paul has made it no secret that he gets his own personal stock of kicks just about each month. Over the weekend CP3 displayed yet another shot at his new Jordans which featured everything on the release calendar for just about the next few weeks including the '88 Retro White Cement 3's, Black Royal Jordan 1's, Crimson and Joker 3's in addition to several versions of his signature CP3.VI.

I know it's supposed to be "no secret" that athletes are showered with freebies on a regular basis, but color me surprised. Glancing at the picture, I wouldn't say Paul is so much showered with sneakers as he is drowned in them.

That Paul even has a monthly shipment of kicks coming his way is mind-blowing. I know some pretty hardcore sneaker-heads who might be good for three, four or maybe five pairs of shoes a month, but I count at least 20 here.

And that's just what he was able to fit on that one table. I mean, it already looks like he has different shoes for every hour of every day. Who knows how many other dozens of pairs he has in his closet, lying around the house or even in his bathtub?

Impressed? Jealous? Drooling?

All of the above?

It's not so much the style of the kicks he pictured here, but the volume. Could you imagine having your sneaker collection replenished every month?

I didn't think so.

For most of us, hoarding the necessary number of shoes to consider it a collection is an accomplishment in itself. Receiving a monthly shipment, a fresh collection every month, borders on the whimsical.

And if it doesn't, well, then we should be charging you to read this.

Regardless, it has become clear that few, if any, can keep up with Paul's assortment of footwear, just as most fail to keep up with him on the basketball court.


Both Paul's crossover and now his sneaker collection are better than yours.

And probably even your girlfriend's, too.