Bonuses for UFC's Best KO, Submission and Fight of February

Scott HarrisMMA Lead WriterMarch 1, 2013

Bonuses for UFC's Best KO, Submission and Fight of February

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    I don't know what your feelings are, but I feel this was an eventful little February for the UFC. Couple of headlines made this month. 

    Personally, I'm glad for that. It made my least favorite month just a little more tolerable. And now, as the calendar's suckiest 28 days finally fades back into the winter raw, it's time to hand out the metaphorical hardware for the month's best knockout, submission and fight inside the Octagon. It's just like the UFC's post-fight bonuses, except there's no money or other prizes, and instead of the UFC giving out the awards, it's me, a writer from Bleacher Report.

    But in a departure from the UFC's typical model, I have been known to sprinkle in a few additional bonuses in special recognition of very special events. Are there any extra bonuses sprinkled herein? You will need to read on in order to acquire that knowledge.

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Knockout of the Month: Antonio Silva

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    Slide on over, Elmo. After he blasted neighborhood bully Alistair Overeem, Antonio Silva is everyone's new favorite monster.

    The knockout, coming at UFC 156, was a thing of beauty in itself, too. It was a slow build, as if Silva himself couldn't even believe what was happening as each blow landed harder and flusher than the last. So you can imagine how The Reem felt.

    The feel-good win gave the hulking heavyweight another shot at Cain Velasquez, who bloodied Bigfoot up something fierce in their first meeting last May. Only this time, there's gold involved.

    Fun side fact: The rematch will go down one day short of exactly one year after their first meeting. I know...I'm creeped out, too. 

Submission of the Month: Urijah Faber

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    There were a lot of good submissions in the UFC this month. Kenny Robertson's wacky kneebar comes to mind, as does Renan Barao's championship triangle choking of Michael McDonald.

    But Faber's master class from UFC 157 takes the cake for me. He climbed aboard Ivan Menjivar and didn't get off until an overwhelmed (and, I have to say, decidedly dejected-looking) Menjivar submitted to his standing rear-naked choke.   

Fight of the Month: Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice

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    This is why you watch the prelims. 

    Encased deep in the FX portion of the UFC 157 card, this one was a back-and-forth, three-round slugfest between two very, very tough men with violence on their minds.  

    In a month that saw a lot of symbolic bloodletting in the UFC, Matt Grice, despite his split-decision loss, probably rode this literal bloodletting right out of the path of the aforementioned symbolic bloodletting. Deep stuff, bro. 

Female of the Month: Ronda Rousey

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    OK, I suppose I can and should give a special bonus to Ms. Ronda Rousey. I think after her submission win Saturday night, she's due for a little recognition. Congratulations, Ronda. You're 1-0 in the UFC, and now this. Bask. Breathe it in.

Knockout of the Month, Part Deuce: Dana White

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    Dana White does not like positional wrestling, guys. Plus, he's got some fat to trim. Some roster bloat to rein in. Some fluid sacs he needs to drain off. 

    I hope that helps you get the gist. More importantly, in the wake of the elite Jon Fitch and 15 others getting their walking papers—with a promise of many, many more to follow—I hope the fighters get the gist. Follow the rules and work for the finish or ply your craft elsewhere, my dude. 

Apple Butter Churning Bonus: Michael Chiesa and Court McGee

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    Let's end this on a positive note. Because who doesn't enjoy apple butter? Especially in the midst of that god-awful February weather.

    Rarely outside of rural Pennsylvania do you find two men in such close proximity of each other and possessing such smashing, salt-of-the-Earth beards as those sported by Michael Chiesa and Court McGee. But we were treated to just that last weekend at UFC 157. 

    True to their leonine whiskers, Chiesa and McGee both won their fights. Afterward, I can only assume that apple butter was in the offing. What do you do, churn that? Smash it like applesauce? Is apple butter to applesauce as cider is to apple juice? We may never know. These types of artisans don't appear to regularly communicate with city folk like ourselves.

    And that's not even the only possible activity. Perhaps a barn raising? I've always wanted to see one of those.

    A bull castration? Nah, cancel that one. Let's leave the cutting to the professionals, guys.


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