Oakland Raiders Draft 2009: A+++ Or F--- ?

Dondi RaiderContributor IApril 11, 2009

The draft could not have fallen any better for Raiders this year.  Could it be a sign of things to come in the regular season and playoffs?  Yes, playoffs!

The worst passing team in 2008 will get themselves the best PLAYER in the draft, WR Michael Crabtree!  Was it thanks to “Who's yo mama” signing with the Seahags or Crabtree not running at the combine? 

Who cares? The Silver and Black Attack will be back!  The 32nd-ranked passing offense will be so far in the rear-view mirror we may never see such a pathetic ranking ever again.  EVER!

Let’s not forget the offense over the last six games was pretty darn good; Jamarcus was a pro, Schilens and JLH were solid and the OL was playing extremely well both in run and pass blocking. 

Add D-Mac healthy and a guy named Bush, we could end up first in rushing O and top 5 in passing O.  Miller goes to the Pro Bowl in 2009, says here.

Just this simple move makes our defense better (not to mention no Rob Ryan).  But just in case, round two nets us Robert Ayers from Tennessee who can play DE and some DT. 

Either way, he helps shore up the second worst rush defense in 2008 at 159.7 yards per game.  Combine this guy with the much improved offense and the overall D becomes top 15...easy! 

Throw Patrick Chung from Oregon as our third pick and our defense finally has the safety we’ve been looking for since the days of Ronnie Lott. 

This kid can hit and cover and would pair with Branch to take our Run D into the top 10 for 2009.

Our fourth-rounder is another DL in Jarron Gilbert, who can grow into a stating DT by year end.  He has a lot of upside and is a local kid with an NFL pedigree.  Add him to our mix and our D line goes from overall weakest link to overall strength with Burgess, Kelly, Gilbert and Ayers.  

Rotate G Warren and PRS Trevor Scott in and we win the AFC west.  What we do in rounds 5-7 just doesn’t matter if these four players are in Silver and Black.  My guess for later rounds includes TE and DB. 

Our O line was not addressed in the draft because of the talent we added (Barnes, Pears, Satelle, Johnson, return from IR, McQuistan) and dumped (Harris, Grove and Green very soon), in case you were wondering. 

With Henderson, Gallery and Carlisle in the fold and Cable running the ship, O Line is going to be a strength of this team as well.

Should we pass on Crabtree and acquire Chad Johnson or Braylon Edwards, our draft grade goes from an A+++ to an F---, regardless of what else we do. 

Team chemistry is approaching an all-time high and this move would send us back to the days of Shell round two.

Since I have faith in Al and Cable, I am going to enjoy the draft like never before.  So watch out NFL, the Raiders are back in 2009!