Lil Wayne Blasts Miami Heat and Chris Bosh's Wife over NBA All-Star Game Ban

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 18, 2013

One thing to take from the expletive-filled rant that Lil Wayne recently provided is that he might not be the biggest of Miami Heat fans. 

Oh, and he has some beef with Chris Bosh, and he claims to have slept with the All-Star forward's wife. 

Big Lead spotted this video of Weezy throwing out a bunch of "F-bombs" after being reportedly banned from NBA events, including Sunday's 2013 NBA All-Star Game. Be warned, it contains a bunch of NSFW language. 

The Smoking Section breaks down what is going down at what is reportedly the "birthday celebration for YMCMB head honcho Birdman."

Here are some tweets from MTV’s Shaheem Reid and Karen Civil, who were both at the celebration and collected some of the better parts of this rant. 

My word, the mouth on this guy. 

We can't say with certainty that Lil Wayne has what he claims to be a universal ban from NBA functions. However, it's highly possible, because the man seems to love blasting NBA teams more than he does actually enjoying the games. 

The Smoking Section reminds us that this Heat beef goes way back to 2011, when the 30-year-old blasted LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for not coming to talk to him while they were, you know, playing basketball. 

And he once fired off a few choice words at the Oklahoma City Thunder when he felt he was treated unfairly by the organization when taking in the NBA Finals. 

It seems Lil Wayne needs one big hug. While that might solve some of his fuming, it will not get him into an NBA game anytime soon. And I am not so sure throwing "F-bombs" at NBA teams and their superstars will ever get him welcomed back to the expensive seats. 

Weezy is good and mad at the NBA—more than just a lil' bit. 


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