The Formula To a NFL 17-18 Game Schedule

Jacob BradleyContributor IApril 8, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 09:  The NFL shield logo on the goal post during play between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on November 9, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

As I await the new NFL schedule to come out it reminded me of the topic of the potential upcoming expansion of the schedule in a few years.

I then thought to myself how would this work, then I came up with the idea.

To tell you, I like the 18 game expansion much better, and I mainly focus on that but lets review a 17 game schedule first.

If they were to do this it would be much smarter to go conference vs. conference, which they would flip every year, which sends me from 17 to 18, I told you 17 was short.

With an 18 game schedule they could do the conference thing again and flip like I mentioned before, but following that they could do same conference match-ups in a seeded formula by regular season record, and here is how it goes if it were used this next season


(1)Titans vs. Giants

(2)Steelers vs. Panthers

(3)Colts vs. Falcons

(4)Dolphins vs. Vikings

(5)Ravens vs. Eagles

(6)Patriots vs. Cardinals

(7)Jets vs. Buccaneers

(8)Chargers vs. Cowboys

(9)Texans vs. Bears

(10)Broncos vs. Redskins

(11)Bills vs. Saints

(12)Raiders vs. 49ers

(13)Jaguars vs. Packers

(14)Bengals vs. Seahawks

(15)Browns vs. Rams

(16)Chiefs vs. Lions

Same Conference

(1) vs. (16)

AFC: Titans vs. Chiefs

NFC: Giants vs. Lions

(2) vs. (15)

AFC: Steelers vs. Browns

NFC: Panthers vs. Rams

(3) vs. (14)

AFC: Colts vs. Bengals

NFC: Falcons vs. Seahawks

(4) vs. (13)

AFC: Dolphins vs. Jaguars

NFC: Vikings vs. Packers

(5) vs. (12)

AFC: Ravens vs. Raiders

NFC: Eagles vs. 49ers

(6) vs. (11)

AFC: Patriots vs. Bills

NFC: Cardinals vs. Saints

(7) vs. (10)

AFC: Jets vs. Broncos

NFC: Buccaneers vs. Redskins

(8) vs. (9)

AFC: Chargers vs. Texans

NFC: Cowboys vs. Bears

Now in not saying this would be the ultimate way to develop the new schedule, because we would see a third division match-up for some teams, but there are some positives that could light up a spark to the NFL season.

Now I'm not sure how they would develop a Home-Away system to this but it could be very interesting how a schedule like this could turn out.

We wont see an expansion for at least a few seasons so until then we should enjoy what we have right now, and when it expands it will because after the long run, you cant do anything but expand or fold.


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