JD and Mitchell's Mock Draft

Mitchell TimpCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 21:  Offensive lineman Jason Smith of Baylor runs the 40 yard dash during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 21, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Me and JD did a draft together on AIM and decided to post it here. I think it is a good mock draft.

1. Lions: Jason Smith

The Lions have Culpepper. They do not need a QB. They should put their pick to good use.

2. Rams: Eugene Monroe

Get him to block and help with their O-Line wich SUCKS!

3. Chiefs: Aaron Curry

Might as well get him to help with their new and developed defense.

4. Seahawks: Brian Opacko

Seahawkes need him, no doubt.

5. Browns: Everette Brown

No doubt. Good use of the first round pick.

6. Bengals: Michael Crabtree

Coles, Johnson, and the new man, Michael Crabtree, will give the Benals a good one-two punch.

7. Raiders: Jeremy Maclin

He is a guy that finally JaMarcus Russel can throw to.

8. Jaguars: Matthew Stafford

David Garrard has been struggling and battling injuries. Better yet get Stafford.

9. Packers: B.J. Raji

Packers need the extra help he can give them on defense.

10. 49ers: Mark Sanchez

The 49ers have no QB and they might as well get him.

11. Bills: Andre Smith

They need the help he can give them on blocking.

12. Broncos: Tyson Jackson

Broncos need a guy like Jackson to help them on defense, which is also moving to a 3-4.

13. Redskins: Chris Wells

He can help Portis cause he has injuries sometimes. Portis and Wells can also combine for a good one-two punch.

14. Saints: Aaron Maybin

HELP! Saints, help is one the way. Come Aaron Maybain, come!

15. Texans: Rey Mauluga

A little bit of question on this pick. He can help on the defense, no doubt about that.

16. Chargers: Michael Oher

Chargers blocking sucked last year and an all-star blocker like Michael can help.

17. Jets: Josh Freeman

With Favre gone for good, the Jets have no quarterbacks. It's time their new franchise QB has come. All hail Josh Freeman!

18. Bears: Peria Jerry

It's a questionable pick but it will work, somehow.

19. Buccaneers: Pat White

THEY NEED A QB! Pat White can do all sorts of things. He also has a favorable backup in Josh Johnson.

20. Lions: Kenny Britt

Lions need offensive help. Calvin Johnson and Bryant Johnson will do good but will be suited by Kenny Britt to help them.

21. Eagles: Knowshon Moreno

To help with Brian Westbrook and with Buckhalter gone to the Broncos.

22. Vikings: Eben Britton

With Matt Birk gone he can help and replace Ryan Cook.

23. Patriots: Brian Cushing

A team that traded away some of their best players, this guy can fill some big shoes.

24. Falcons: Brandon Pettigrew

Good tight end  for a team that does not have any.

25. Dolphins: Darrius Heyward-Bey

They need a WR to be on their team. A speedy guy like him can be helpful with Tedd Ginn.

26. Ravens: Percy Harvin

They need a WR to help out with Dereck Mason and Mark Clayton.

27. Colts: Ramses Barden

This guy is a stud and after getting rid of Marvin Harison they could use him. He is 6'6" for crying out loud!

28. Eagles: Hakeem Nicks

They need a WR, no doubt. This guy, once again, is a stud.

29. Giants: James Laurinitas

Giants could use help here in the linebacking corps.

30. Titans: Malcolm Jenkins

Questionable. They could get another good QB but Kerry Collins isn't done yet. 

31. Cardinals: LeSean McCoy

A BIG NEED! He could really help out Tim Hightower.

32. Steelers: Vontae Davis

After losing McFadden, they could use him, along with another WR for the second round. That will be suitable.

Thanks for reading. We might make round two. Looks to be fun!



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