The Rock's Win at Royal Rumble Was Best Possible Move for WWE

Tim KeeneyContributor IJanuary 29, 2013

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The Rock is the WWE Champion, and no one should be upset about it. 

Unfortunately, a quick scan of wrestling nation reveals just the opposite. 

You've got this guy (video contains language NSFW), who had just a little bit of a temper tantrum when CM Punk was pinned and The Brahma Bull took his belt. 

You've got fans like this one, who aren't exactly thrilled about the wrestler who is supposed to be atop the entertainment not showing up at RAW next week:

You've got fans who were upset with the predictable nature of the match and even plenty who weren't enthralled with how The Rock won, as he dropped The People's Elbow on Punk following Vince McMahon giving him a "second chance" after the Shield interfered.

The reasons are various and seemingly endless, but for a large majority of WWE nation, the consensus is clear: The Rock may be the People's Champ, but he shouldn't be the champ. 

But what was the WWE creative team supposed to do? 

Simply put, the Rock is the biggest draw in the entertainment. He reminds a certain generation of the Attitude Era, and brings the important nostalgia factor for those who have lost interest in the sport at its current state.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plus the WWE title equals the highest possible rating. 

There is the thought that he could have won the title at Elimination Chamber, but why delay the inevitable? Giving The Rock the title for another month before he assumedly loses it at WrestleMania is another month of stellar ratings. 

And as for the argument against CM Punk, who held the title for over 400 days, being defeated by such a "weak" move, it's a move that has beaten countless top opponents in the past. 

It would be tough to find a better way for Punk to go out than losing to one of the greatest wrestlers of all time at one of the most popular Pay-Per-View events ever. 

It's understandable that a portion of the WWE fanbase is upset with the most recent developments, but it's important to remember that this is a business.

And The Rock winning the WWE championship is purely smart, ingenious, calculated business.