The Rock's Royal Rumble Win Causes Fan Meltdown, Replica Belt Smashed

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 28, 2013

There is one WWE fan who may still be locked in his room, distraught over The Rock's bizarre victory at Royal Rumble. 

We have to thank BuzzFeed, because without them, we may have missed this brilliant moment when a fan who was geeked up to see CM Punk win Sunday's main event was sent into his room to shred every last piece of Rock paraphernalia. 

Here is the freak-out, with some NSFW language. 

For those uninitiated, The Rock took the big prize at Royal Rumble, after being granted a second chance of sorts after being pinned by Punk. Vince McMahon allowed the fight to continue, and The Rock eventually came away triumphant—no doubt a polarizing end to a spectacle of a night. 

So we understand that many would have been upset, while others would have been beyond jubilant. Then there is this fan, crossing the line of pouting and going into a whole new level of irate fanaticism. 

I can't get enough of watching him take in all that the TV is offering him. He savors every last moment of The Rock's victory before spitting it out in an epic tirade. He runs into his room, grabs a DVD featuring The Rock and throws it. I am sure that Dwayne Johnson will be hurt beyond repair by this act of defiance. 

Someone, anyone, please tell me that the replica belt that he threw down made it out alright. I can't bear to see inanimate objects destroyed. 

I will also disregard the Michael Myers mask, because that's a can of worms best left shut. 

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