Is Plaxico Burress Heading Somewhere?

Flex MailmanContributor IApril 3, 2009

LEBANON - JANUARY 14: New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress arrives at the Lebanon County Courthouse January 14, 2009 in Lebanon, Pa.  Burress is scheduled to appear in a civil trial in a dispute with an automobile dealer over what he owes in damages to a vehicle supplied to him by the dealership. (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

Plaxico Burress used to be the star player in the league, having led the Giants to a Super Bowl and being Eli Manning's favorite target. As of yet, though, Burress has gone through the troubles of the law, the media, and worst of all, of the team. Earlier today, the Giants released Burress (which was probably the worst move they've made yet). Thus, the Giants need to find a new big man, and some team needs to find Burress. There are probably a few teams that are looking for a good receiver right now.

Chicago: Besides the Eagles, the Bears have the worst wide receiver team in the business. Recently, they got Jay Cutler who is a great and talented quarterback. But without a consistent wide receiver, Cutler is questionable. Thus, with Burress on their roster, the two would fit nicely, making a contender for the playoff's.

Oakland: The Raiders have a talented quarterback on their hands. JaMarcus Russell is a talented quarterback but he has only one option, Zach Miller. Though tight ends are big and good red zone targets, you can't throw to him two downs every three or four. With Burress on the roster, he can not only be a great target for Russel to throw to, but he'll take away the attention from Miller. This offense would be a very productive offense. If only the defense was any good.....

Now, besides the fact that he could get signed by some team, he might not get signed at all. For what his resume shows, he has jail time to face, and was a huge distraction to his team when they were in the playoff's. These distractions could hurt a team but I'm sure a team will be greedy enough to take Burress. His talents rise above his behavior, so there is no question about him going to a team. The question is, which one?