Ranking the AFC West Quarterbacks

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IApril 3, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 28:  Matt Cassel #16 of the New England Patriots looks for a receiver during the game against the Buffalo Bills on December 28, 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

With all of the recent activity of the quarterbacks in the AFC West, I decided to put out my rankings of the AFC West QBs as of right now.

  1. Philip Rivers, San Diego. Rivers, at this moment, is in his own class in the AFC West. He got snubbed last season by not making the Pro Bowl despite a great season (34 TDs, 11 INTs,  4,009 yards) and his QB rating of 105.5 for the season put him in the company of other great QBs such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (who also have recorded seasons with 100+ QB rating).
  2. Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel was great filling in for the injured Tom Brady last season. In his “rookie” season (and the first game he started since high school), Cassel had 21 TDs, 11 INT, and a QB rating of 89.4. Now the real question is, can he do the same in KC? Time will tell.
  3. Kyle Orton, Denver Broncos. Some of you may find this odd, but here is some of my reasoning. Orton’s career record as a starter is 21-12 (including 9-6 last season with the Bears D on decline and 10-5 as a rookie). His career completion percentage is pretty low at 55.3, but has increased throughout his career, and his career QB rating is 71.1.
  4. JaMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders. I think based on purely potential, Russell would rank ahead of Orton, but that isn’t how I do things. Russell still seems very inconsistent, and while his career numbers are about the same (sample size compared to Orton is about half), Russell’s career record as a starter is 5-11. This could very well change, but at this moment Orton is more likely to win you a game, and to me that makes him a better QB.

So, there are my rankings of the AFC West QB’s. Do you agree? And if so, tell me why in the comments section below.

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