Please Stop Bashing Tradition: Raiders vs. Chargers

Ed LeeCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

It happens every single time. Every single time I read an article about the history of the raiders or the chargers.

It happens every single time, it's SO ANNOYING.

Someone ALWAYS triggers a fight on whose history is better.

The Raider Fans always talk about the three rings, and how good it looks, and always say that the 'Chokers' have no rings to talk about.

The Charger Fans always say that it's old, and we have been dominating in the past and future.


The Raiders have three rings. They are three rings. The Chargers fans need to accept that.

The Chargers have no rings. They are no rings. The Raiders Fans need to accept that.

However, the some Raider Fans bash on everything they can think about, without even knowing what they are talking about.

Examples: How Dan Fouts was so bad, that he choked a bajillion times. How LT is so bad, he choked a bajillion times. How Winslow was so fragile, he lasted only two years.

Truth: Dan Fouts was probably the greatest Qb to have played around the time he retired. I have friends who are Raider Fans, and they respected Fouts as he left the game.
LT is great. He's better than any RB the raiders have ever had. Better than Bo Jackson.

Winslow was healthy for seven years, and got a freak injury which killed his career.

Also, the Raiders simply choose to ignore Chargers History. There have been countless times in the past, where the Chargers have been better than the Raiders. We were just unlucky in some games. Both sides need to accept that.

Lastly for Raider Fans, they bash on recent history. They talk about all of their super bowl rings, when they haven't won more than five games in a season since 2002. They always talk about potential, but always say that something went wrong in the season.

Reality is, they really dont have much potential except Michael Bush, and JaMarcus Russell. They have to accept that.

As of Chargers fans, they need to accept things to. We can't ignore the fact the Raiders won three super bowls. We can bash that the raiders sucked for the past five seasons.

But we just can't simply choose to ignore, and destroy their history because he hate them. And lets not bash Al Davis. I hate the man and he's a bit senile, but he's a good GM.

So, Why not end this stupid history bashing thing? I love seeing the Chargers kill the Raiders on the field. But I hate simple minded people who destroy history that should be respected.

Why not be like the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry who accept everything that happened without overeacting, and killing everything?

I sure hope that the threads on bashing Raiders/Chargers history stop, because it's painful to see people destroy the histories of two great teams of the past, present and, the future.

I love rivalry. I absolutely do. Let's just have a rivalry where we respect everyone for what they have done in the past.

To raider fans: Truce?