Oakland Raiders Add Depth to Defense??

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

... Ryan Boschetti, a Defensive Tackle from the Washington Redskins! Along with the re-signing of Sam Williams. Both under the 'Transactions Section' on Raiders.com.

Who is Ryan Boschetti?

That's the same question I've asked myself, so here's a little information on him.

He was a 2004 undrafted rookie signing by the Washington Redskins from UCLA. He's 6'4" and 289 pounds at the age of 27 (he'll be 28 in October). He's from the Bay Area (big up's to Belmont), a five-year pro (who missed 2007) and has—get ready for this, people,—19 tackles (14 solo) and ZERO sacks in a back-up role during the four seasons he actually played!

Please, someone, explain the reasoning behind this? This can't be a competition thing to help motivate T. Sands, G.Warren, and T.Kelly.

As of today, this is what our defensive front looks like ,according to the team website.

DT's: Gerrard Warren, Terdell Sands, Tommy Kelly, Ryan Boschetti and William Joseph.

Tommy Kelly was able to get his contract restructured, so we can't really get on him about being so overpaid. He did well if you consider the circumstances around him. 

He needed guys like Warren and Sands to take up space, which they didn't. William Joseph was a late addition last year after a early visit with the team in training camp and reminded us why the New York Giants didn't want to keep him around as a backup. Terdell Sands had two sacks all year, and Gerard Warren had four sacks—a little better year than Sands, still not too good, though.

And let's not forget the newest addition and his combined ZERO sacks for four years of play.


DE's: Derrick Burgess (nine-year pro), Trevor Scott (two-year pro), Jay Richardson (three-year pro), Derrick Gray (two-year pro) and Greyson Gunheim (two-year pro).

This being a contract year for Burgess should enable the Raiders to get MAXIMUM production out of him, all in effort to earn his last 'NICE' contract. I hope he helps Scott and Richardson to continue improving. Gunheim only got to play in two games, with very little snaps, yet managed a sack in the last game versus Tampa. He ran a 4.69 in the 40 at the combine this past year, and was supposed to be a DE/OLB conversion. He's got promise and Al Davis-speed to be a solid third down pass rusher.

The linebackers are a story for another day, but I do like them better with Morrison, Howard, and Brown starting along with Williams and Ekejiuba in backup roles.

An addition would be nice, but Williams needs a chance, since we moved up to get him in 2004 and he's been injury prone so far. Brown looks to have some promise, but we'll see.

We need help. It can come in the form of BJ Raji with the No. 7 Pick. If we were to trade down in the first round, it can come in the form of Ziggy Hood, Fili Moala, or even with our second round pick, Ron Brace (which would be SWEET).

After reading up on Peria Jerry, we don't need a converted DE/Nose Guard that has stamina issues and no mean streak. He's no Raider. We have four top prospects available within those first 40 Picks of the draft to be able to get an IMPACT DT to help us out.

Raider Nation: After looking at our defensive front, isn't it a sure thing that we NEED a huge guy in the middle to help out Tommy Kelly?!?!?!

This is my first article, any feedback would be appreciated.