WWE Royal Rumble 2013: The Prediction Challenge: Your Verdict

John AtkinsCorrespondent IIIJanuary 22, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: The Prediction Challenge: Your Verdict

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    First of all, let me say THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the Royal Rumble 2013 Prediction Challenge! (The link is still available here for those wishing to view the original article).

    As you should be aware, entries for the competition are now closed, with a final figure of 150 official entries.

    By now, I have read literally thousands of predictions for this year's main event, from dark horses to shocking returns to completely bonkers ideas.

    But the time has come to now see what YOU think will happen this Sunday.

    The following slideshow will explore all of your predictions from this challenge, compiled in such a way as to get a complete picture of who you think will be the entrants, winners and losers in Phoenix.

    Whilst much of this data is subject to any number of given measures, I will explain on each slide the formulas which have been used to calculate each prediction.

    Thank you to everyone who has taken part, please feel free to comment, query and suggest alterations in the section below!

    Thanks for reading!

    Good luck!

The Starters

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    The all-important first two men in the Royal Rumble match.

    A distinct honour which has been gifted to the likes of Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even the boss himself, Vince McMahon (let's not mention the travesty that was his win however...)

    But who did YOU say would be the two Superstars selected to begin this Sunday?


    Yes! That's right, you picked WWE's resident goatface to be the first man out in the Royal Rumble match.

    The smaller half of the Tag Team Champions won the vote with a landslide 16.89 percent of the votes for the Superstar predicted to start as No. 1; the American Dragon totaled over 30 percent of the overall tally to be one of the first two in the match.

    No. 2 KANE

    You guessed it, D-Bry's tag team partner, the Big Red Machine is the man YOU selected to begin this Sunday's Royal Rumble match.

    Many have suggested that these two may be nearing the end of their championship tenure, but Dr. Shelby's two favourite clients amassed a huge majority of the overall vote to BOTH begin Sunday's battle royale.

    Falling just short of Bryan, the Devil's favourite Demon received 14.86 percent of votes to begin the match in the No. 2 slot.

    This would not be the first time where tag team partners, or allies, have appeared at the beginning of the match together; as recently as last year, the Miz began the match vs. former apprentice Alex Riley, followed by former tag team partner R-Truth.

    So Near, Yet So Far

    While Team Hell No dominated the voting for the first two Superstars in the match, there were others who appeared prominently in your 150 entries. The following three men were runners-up in the Royal Rumble 2013 Starters poll:

    Kofi Kingston8.8 percent

    Ryback7.45 percent

    John Cena7.07 percent

    *These figures are based on a mean average of the total combined votes/the number of votes for any given individual. Daniel Bryan and Kane amassed well over 40 percent of the combined vote to appear as Nos. 1 and 2 (in any order).


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    The Royal Rumble match always throws in its share of surprise, returning and/or veteran stars.

    Often a novelty, these Superstars tend to last just long enough to produce a huge pop, mount a flurry of offense, then demonstrate their signature schtick, only to then be tossed over the top rope in just shy of one minute.

    For many alumnus, this year will be no different. But for every Booker T, Drew Carey and Road Dogg that appears, there is every chance we may get another Mr. Perfect-esque performance (if you haven't seen it, please do).

    But who did YOU vote as the most likely candidates to grace the 2013 Royal Rumble match?


    With a huge majority of 22.97 percent, the former DX member was the most selected alumnus Superstar by you.

    This may be of little surprise to some, with the former multi-time tag team champion recently being announced as the Billy DeMott's replacement on the next season of Tough Enough.

    Other reports to back up this suggestion have also surfaced here.

    *For those wondering, the No. 16 was calculated based on the median of all votes cast.

    Gone, But Not Forgotten

    Billy was not the only returning Superstar selected by you, however. A total of 39 different names made up this category, and some familiar names appeared very prominently in the vote.

    As per WWE's tradition of re-debuting as many as five alumnus per Rumble match, here are the four other most selected names in this category:

    JBL16.22 percent

    Road Dogg9.46 percent

    Mick Foley5.41 percent

    Ric Flair/John Morrison4.05 percent

    Other interesting selections in this category included Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Gillberg.

No. 30

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    As we all know by now, the last man to enter the Royal Rumble is very rarely at any sort of real advantage when it comes to winning the match.

    By it's very nature though, the final entrant (or No. 30 spot) is still a highly sought after slot.

    Now, I am writing this having not watched the January 21 edition of Monday Night Raw (yet), so this position may have already been decided. However, this is what YOU said when it came to the final entrant this Sunday;

    No. 30 RYBACK

    This was the most competitively contested vote, with Big Hungry prevailing by just a two-vote margin in the end.

    WWE's monster babyface on the basis of median (most times selected) was your No. 30 with a 13.01 percent share of the overall vote.

    However, in terms of selection/placement ratio, Ryback was certainly NOT the general consensus to enter the Royal Rumble last.

    In fact, of his total 177 selections (across all categories), less than 10 percent of you selected the man formerly known as Skip Sheffield as your No. 30. In fact, Ryback was most selected on a median basis at No. 24.

    So who actually did YOU select as your No. 30?

    Well, to be honest, it was close..

    Below are the percentage figures for the six men who dominated the vote, make of it what you will:

    Ryback13.01 percent

    Mark Henry11.64 percent

    Brock Lesnar10.27 percent

    The Undertaker10.27 percent

    Randy Orton9.18 percent

    CM Punk7.08 percent

    While it may appear that Ryback was the clear winner in this category, other factors were considered in this category. Predominantly, the ratio to which a Superstar was selected versus the number they were selected to enter at.

    For example, Ryback may have been picked the majority of times, but more than 90 percent of the time, he was picked in a position OTHER THAN No. 30. This tells us that actually, the overall consensus says that he will not enter the match as the final entrant, despite getting the most votes.

    Who actually achieved the greatest ratio in this aspect?

    Revised No. 30 BROCK LESNAR

    That's right, the Next Big Thing received a 94 percent ratio in terms of selection/No. 30 predictions. Despite being the third most selected star in this particular category, the overall consensus was that if Lesnar enters, he will be as the last man!

    Interestingly, the man determined second in terms of ratio was the Undertaker, with just under 92 percent of his overall selections placing him at No. 30.

    How accurate this will prove to be is questionable, with many reports suggesting we may not see Lesnar OR the Undertaker until after February (at the very earliest).

The Final Four

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    A much more clear-cut category, the following four men were head and shoulders above all others to appear in the finale of this Sunday's Royal Rumble match.

    Determined by the number of votes received cumulatively, the following men are those selected by YOU to make it to the end of the match, and the mean average number they were selected as:

    No. 8 JOHN CENA

    It should come as no surprise that SuperCena invariable won the vote, with nearly double the number of selections of both Ziggler and Orton.

    The man mooted to face arch-nemesis The Rock again at this year's WrestleMania, was the first entrant announced for the 2013 Rumble match, and remains many peoples favourite to win and subsequently set up a dream rematch vs. The Great One for the WWE Title in April.

    The odds of a Cena victory though, would seem to rest almost entirely on the outcome of the CM Punk vs. Rock main event on Sunday.

    Cena's share of the Final Four vote: 18.35 percent

    No. 24 RYBACK

    The second-most selected entrant in total, Big Hungry, has not even officially entered the Royal Rumble match (at the time of writing).

    Still yet to be beaten cleanly, the powerhouse babyface has been billed as an unstoppable monster, and has already been suggested as the future of the company.

    It was alluded to, however, that Ryback would use a Rumble victory to set up a dream WrestleMania spot against the World's Largest Athlete at WrestleMania 29. With Show's recent title loss and contract issues though, is this scenario even a distant possibility?

    While Ryback received a huge amount of votes to make the final four AND win the Royal Rumble match, one cannot discount the impact that the Shield will ultimately have on Ryback's success this Sunday.

    Ryback's share of the Final Four vote: 15.44 percent


    The show-off was YOUR third-most selected man to make the final four of the 2013 Royal Rumble match.

    The bleach blonde Superstar, who has promised to ensure that Cena will not win this Sunday, has entered the match purely and simply to prevent the Leader of Cenation emerging victorious for the second time in his career.

    The last time we heard that justification though, Vince McMahon went on to WIN the Rumble match, so surely anything is possible for the former Spirit Squad member.

    With valet Big E Langston and (possibly) A.J. Lee also appearing in the match, Ziggler is at a distinct advantage to go far in the match, and his unique selling style makes him a prime candidate for a number of trademark spots the match always produces.

    Whether or not WWE will allow the man who still holds the SmackDown MITB briefcase to win ANOTHER guaranteed championship match though, remains to be seen.

    Ziggler's share of the Final Four vote: 10.12 percent

    No. 18 RANDY ORTON

    A heavy favourite in the early voting, WWE's resident Viper has been heavily suggested as a possible winner of the Royal Rumble match for quite some time.

    Teasing an imminent heel turn since Survivor Series, Orton has already been mooted for a potential WrestleMania encounter with Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Champion, and a Rumble victory this Sunday could well prove the catalyst for that feud.

    Both Orton and 2012 winner Sheamus announced their official entry into the match on the same night two weeks ago, and this rivalry is clearly headed somewhere.

    Whether or not RKO needs another Rumble victory to justify a WrestleMania title shot though, has to be questioned.

    Orton's share of the Final Four vote: 9.09 percent

    But who else were your favourite picks to make the Final Four?

    Of a total of 37 DIFFERENT superstars, here were your Top 10:

    John Cena18.35 percent

    Ryback15.44 percent

    Dolph Ziggler10.12 percent

    Randy Orton9.09 percent

    Sheamus6.17 percent

    The Miz5.83 percent

    Wade Barrett5.32 percent

    Daniel Bryan3.95 percent

    Dean Ambrose3.60 percent

    Kane2.92 percent


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    If you haven't guessed it already, yes, it was one of the four men on the previous slide...

    But who did YOU pick as your winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble match?





    Dolph Ziggler? (sorry Dolph!)

    Well, without further ado, YOUR winner of this Sunday's Royal Rumble match is...

    No. 8 JOHN CENA

    It may come as no surprise to you that the face of the WWE received a massive majority of your vote to win his second Royal Rumble match, and set up a rematch with the Rock at WrestleMania 29.

    With 28.5 percent of the vote, Cena amassed more than his three closest contenders COMBINED, and is the clear favourite (according to you) to win this Sunday in Phoenix.

    YOU selected a total of 22 different Superstars who could potentially win the match. Here are your Top 10:

    John Cena28.5 percent

    Ryback17.7 percent

    Randy Orton8.72 percent

    The Miz7.38 percent

    Daniel Bryan7.38 percent

    The Undertaker6.04 percent

    Wade Barrett5.37 percent

    CM Punk4.03 percent

    Dolph Ziggler2.68 percent

    Brock Lesnar2.68 percent

The Royal Rumble Match

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    Well, that's all folks! Thank you once again to all those who have taken part and contributed. If you have any thoughts, questions or queries, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

    All results of the Royal Rumble Prediction Challenge 2013 will be published after Sunday's event, and a full leaderboard will be created with all 150 entries collated.

    All points from this challenge will be carried over to next month's Elimination Chamber challenge, which will also be created in the coming weeks.

    But finally...

    Here are the 30 Superstars predicted by YOU to take part in this Sunday's Royal Rumble match, including their number of entry:

    *The 30 superstars listed were calculated via mean average of the total number of selections made, and their corresponding numbers were determined via median selection rate.

    No. 1 Daniel Bryanlandslide victory as No. 1 entrant

    No. 2 Kanecould a split be on the cards with Team Hell No set to face off?

    No. 3 Heath Slatercan the One Man Band survive against the Tag Team Champions?

    No. 4 Seth Rollinshow will Rollins fare whilst waiting for his fellow Shield members?

    No. 5 Damian Sandowhaving faced off earlier in the night, what will Bryan/Kane do?

    No. 6 Kofi Kingstoncan Kofi be the talk of the IWC again with another incredible spot?

    No. 7 Jinder Mahalwill Jinder break Santino's one-second record?

    No. 8 John Cena (WINNER)could a CM Punk win derail Cena's chances of winning?

    No. 9 Roman Reignswill Reigns wait? Or will The Shield enter the match as one?

    No. 10 Alberto Del Riodoes the WHC have any reason to enter the match?

    No. 11 Cody Rhodeswho will go farthest? Cody or his moustache?

    No. 12 The Miza dark horse for Rumble winner? Could Flair be the key to Miz's future?

    No. 13 Antonio Cesarois the United States champion ready to drop his title and step up?

    No. 14 Road Dogga surprise entrant last year, will Jessie make another return?

    No. 15 Dean Ambrosethe default leader of the Shield, another dark horse?

    No. 16 Billy Gunncould the New Age Outlaws combine in the Rumble match?

    No. 17 Dolph Zigglerdoes the blue brand MITB briefcase holder have any chance?

    No. 18 Randy Ortonwill the heel turn happen here with Sheamus vs. Orton pt. 37 looming?

    No. 19 Drew McIntyreconfirmed for the match, who will attack and replace him beforehand?

    No. 20 Sheamuswill WWE do the unthinkable and gift back-to-back Rumble wins?

    No. 21 The Great Khaliwhy, oh, why?

    No. 22 Rey Mysteriowill Mysterio be healed up in time to make his return?

    No. 23 JBLwill the commentator make a much anticipated return to the ring?

    No. 24 Rybackdoes the second favorite have the stamina or experience for a victory?

    No. 25 Wade Barrettrecently crowned IC champion, will he be pushed already?

    No. 26 Big E Langstonstill technically an NXT talent, will Big E be the key for Ziggler?

    No. 27 The Undertakera controversial choice, will an appearance set up his next WM feud?

    No. 28 CM Punkif he loses the WWE title (or even retains), why not?

    No. 29 Mark Henryan imminent return is on the horizon, could we see a shock return?

    No. 30 Brock Lesnarhas the WWE paid Brock enough money for him to appear?

    *Notable emissions: Christian, Zack Ryder (despite receiving two selections to WIN the match), The Big Show, Chris Jericho (sorry Jerichaholics), PTP, Sin Cara, Santino Marella, Brodus Clay and Tensai.

    Please leave any thoughts or comments in the relevant section below.

    Thanks for reading!