8 WWE Characters Who Should Be Managers Right Now

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8 WWE Characters Who Should Be Managers Right Now

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    Managing in WWE is a lost art and one that WWE should utilize more in the current era of wrestling.

    There are a number of characters in WWE—whether they are former wrestlers, announcers or managers—who should be helping young superstars move up in their careers.

    This gives the manager and superstar more time on WWE TV, as well as importance and relevancy in the company.

    Managers help superstars improve their characters and obviously distract another superstars or referees when the time is right.

    Here are WWE characters who should be managers in WWE right now.

David Otunga

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    David Otunga is a great character, especially for someone who rarely to never shows up on WWE TV.

    At the beginning of this month, I discussed possible scenarios for Otunga’s future, which included the idea of having him be a manager.

    There are a number of superstars and tag teams that would fit well with Otunga as a manager; including Team Rhodes Scholars, the Prime Time Players and Mark Henry.

    The lawyer gimmick is somewhat unique and like Paul Bearer, Otunga’s gimmick relates to something in his real life. While Percy Pringle who portrayed Paul Bearer was a real life mortician at one point, David Otunga did in fact earn a law degree from Harvard.


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    Aksana is a former manager who was completely forgotten once she was dumped by her client.

    When Antonio Cesaro was feuding with former U.S. champion Santino Marella, he decided to get rid of his manager, Aksana.

    I fully expected Aksana to begin managing Santino, but instead she was left off of WWE TV.

    While Aksana had a brief stint in the storyline involving Kaitlyn and Eve, it was short lived.

    Aksana needs to get back to managing lower mid-card superstars such as Santino, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel or dare I say it—the Great Khali.

    Her seductiveness is perfect for superstars who want to distract their opponents, which worked well for the heel Antonio Cesaro, but would be entertaining and funny for a babyface too.

Michael Cole

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    Michael Cole may be the top straight announcer for WWE, specifically Raw, but switching him to a managerial role would greatly benefit any superstar in need.

    When Cole was the annoying heel commentator, many fans despised him.

    His character would have been better off as a manager.

    We saw this briefly when he had Jack Swagger train him for his upcoming match with Jerry Lawler.

    Jim Ross could make a full-time comeback and be the straight commentator for Raw, or give the job to Josh Matthews.

    Superstars such as Jack Swagger (if WWE keeps him), Ezekiel Jackson (if he ever returns), Mason Ryan or Michael McGillicutty could use Cole as that annoying heel manager to get themselves a push in WWE.

Jerry Lawler

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    Like Cole, Lawler’s duties right now are focused on being a commentator on WWE’s flagship show, Raw.

    However, being a manager would be a great role for Lawler and may allow him to be less stressed in his job.

    JBL is becoming a must-see, must-hear commentator. He and Cole make a great duo. If JBL gets moved over to Raw, it would allow Lawler to take on the new managerial role.

    Lawler’s gimmick is one that can always be effective – royalty.

    WWE can bring back King of the Ring, which in addition to being entertaining would give Lawler someone to manage.

    The winner would receive Lawler’s managerial services and begin an entire storyline involving the new royalty in WWE.

Matt Striker

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    Matt Striker has a fantastic gimmick for a wrestler or manager—but for whatever reason, it is used primarily as a backstage interviewer.

    Striker could call his clients his students and just as Michele McCool did.

    They would be the teacher’s pets.

    It would be much less erogenous and sensual, but could still be effective. He could "teach" his students or clients and manage them to superstardom.

    Any superstar, face or heel, could benefit from this situation. Striker is obviously a smooth talker and would help those superstars in serious need of a mouthpiece.

    From one teacher to another, I hope to see Striker used more as a manager.

Teddy Long

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    Holla holla playa!

    Teddy Long is another former manager who may be a better fit in that role than his current one.

    Although Long’s announcements of tag team matches are always enjoyable, Booker T is the new general manager of SmackDown, giving Long less authority and time on WWE TV.

    Teddy Long could create a new stable similar to the Nation of Domination or just take one or two clients to manage.

    As experienced of a veteran Teddy Long is he would really help young stars looking to move up on the card or anyone in need of a mouthpiece. As we have seen throughout Long’s career, he can act as a corny babyface or a serious heel.

William Regal

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    William Regal is another veteran superstar who is currently working mainly with WWE’s developmental territory, NXT.

    He would also serve well in a managerial role as he has succeeded in both wrestling and non-wrestling roles on WWE TV.

    Regal, like others on this list, is one of the best mic workers in the company, but also a great in ring worker as well. He could teach and does teach young superstars in NXT valuable lessons for their career.

    This would translate well as more and more NXT superstars are promoted to the main roster. If WWE has superstars they want to bring to Raw or SmackDown, but perhaps are weaker on the mic, Regal would fit well as a manager.

Vickie Guerrero

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    Some way, somehow, Vickie Guerrero needs to transition out of the managing supervisor role and revert back to a manager.

    It made little sense (as many WWE storylines do) for a manager to be promoted to an authority figure, as she could be bias towards her client. This didn’t work out so well for Dolph Ziggler, though  Mr. McMahon made sure Vickie created fair matches.

    Guerrero is arguably one of the best managers of all time due to her mic work and heat that she garners.

    With Ziggler currently siding with A.J. Guerrero, she could help another young superstar rise to the top the way Ziggler did.

    Back when Ziggler and Jack Swagger were arguing and eventually fighting over Guerrero’s services, WWE made a mistake.

    Ziggler didn’t need Guerrero anymore, but Swagger did. Yet WWE chose to keep Guerrero with Ziggler and further bury Swagger into the ground.

    It’s time for Vickie to finish her useless role as managing supervisor of Raw and become a manager once again.


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    Managers in wrestling are much more essential to the experience than one may think.

    From assisting their clients in matches to being a mouthpiece for those amazing athletes with poor mic skills, managers provide entertainment in their own way.

    These WWE characters are all currently doing one thing, but switching to a managerial role could benefit everyone involved.

    WWE needs to bring the art of managing back to professional wrestling to allow other non-wrestling characters to flourish in the company.

    What do you think of the characters discussed in this article? Who else would make a great manager in WWE? Please leave your comments, ideas and suggestions in the section below.





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