David Otunga: Possible Scenarios for His WWE Future

SMGAnalyst IIJanuary 2, 2013

What does the future hold for David Otunga in WWE? (photo courtesy of pwsforums.com)
What does the future hold for David Otunga in WWE? (photo courtesy of pwsforums.com)

If you were to ask your local weatherman for the forecast on David Otunga’s future in WWE, the answer you receive would be along the lines of dark and cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms.

After semi-successful situations—such as being a member of the Nexus and adviser to general manager John Laurinaitis—Otunga is generally left off of WWE TV.

So where can the NXT season one runner-up find that ray of sunshine that will bring him back to relevancy in WWE? What does the future in WWE hold for former Nexus member, David Otunga?

The way I see it, David Otunga’s future in WWE could go a number of different ways.




Back in September of 2011, David Otunga sat down with a number of midcard to upper midcard WWE heels and acted as their legal adviser against Triple H, the then-acting COO of WWE. This was a storyline that WWE could have utilized better.

David Otunga is a mixture of Carlton Banks, Clarence Mason and Chris Masters all put together. What does this mean? It means he would make an excellent manager.

With his sweater vests, bow ties and Starbucks mugs, Otunga could portray a lawyer/manager who—like he did a little over a year ago—battles faces over kayfabe lawsuits.

Team Rhodes Scholars would make an excellent pair of clients for Otunga to begin with. With their vast knowledge and vocabulary, Sandow and Rhodes could use Otunga’s law background to prove their superiority.



Tag Team

The only golden accomplishment David Otunga has achieved in WWE is as two-time tag team champion. Once with Michael McGillicutty and once with John Cena. Perhaps Otunga just needs a partner to get the job done.

Because of Otunga’s small stature, it would make the most sense for a much larger superstar to help him. Think Ezekiel Jackson, Mark Henry or even Tensai.

Ezekiel Jackson has not been seen on WWE TV in almost a year, but teaming with Otunga could give both superstars a reason to receive airtime.

Mark Henry has also been off WWE TV for a while due to injury but would make a great enforcer that would punish superstars for disobeying the law.

Tensai is big. A big joke that is. Nonetheless, Tensai needs a storyline. Tensai would play a similar role as Henry, an enforcer.



Authority Figure

Continuing the discussion of having David Otunga use his law background in his gimmick, an on-screen authority figure may be another good fit.

Although authority figures in WWE have become a carousel of monkeys with each one’s demise all but inevitable, Otunga’s gimmick would make sense for the role.

Otunga would serve as the judge for all superstars and divas’ complaints, handing out punishments only when necessary. Otunga has only portrayed a heel character in WWE, and it would be surprising to see him a fan favorite, especially as an authority figure on WWE TV.





If manager, tag team specialist and authority figure fail to help David Otunga become a significant superstar in WWE, he may just have to settle for what he is—a jobber.

Let’s face it, every up and coming babyface superstar needs a heel jobber to go through to get to the next level. WWE utilized Otunga when they turned the Miz into a fan favorite for his first babyface match.

Chances are David Otunga’s future in WWE will continue to be cloudy. He just better hope the clouds don’t turn into thunderstorms.

What do you think the future holds for David Otunga in WWE? Is he destined to be a jobber forever? Please share your comments, suggestions and ideas in the section below.


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