Jeremy Lin Admits He Shouldn't Be an All-Star in 2013

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2013

Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin is fooling no one, including himself.

Staring down the barrel of a potential All-Star selection, Lin would be one of the first to admit that he doesn't deserve it. 

Actually, he already conceded as much (via Jeff Caplan of

Jeremy Lin didn’t hesitate with an honest answer when asked if he feels like an All-Star.

“Uh, no,” he said softly after another choppy performance Wednesday night as the Houston Rockets lost for a fifth consecutive time, unable to claw all the way back from 15 points down despite several chances late to go ahead.

Chastise Lin all you want, but his honesty about his own performance is admirable.

As Caplan noted, per the last documented ballot, Lin was third in voting for all Western Conference guards, trailing the second-place Chris Paul by roughly 46,000 votes.

Though that number seems like a lot, it's not. It's even less when you consider Lin, who is averaging 12.3 points and 6.3 assists on 42.8 percent shooting, has the potential to unseat an MVP candidate in Chris Paul as a starter. 

But while the prospect of Lin snagging a spot that should belong to someone else is bordering on tragic, his composure and acceptance of reality is encouraging. It reminds us that though the votes cast may reflect otherwise, Lin himself is aware he has no business being on the same court as any of the other potential candidates.

It's also a reminder that Lin holds himself to the same standards the rest of us do.

Remember, Lin is an undrafted, overnight phenomenon who is ridiculed for not playing like an All-Star. If it were anyone else, we'd revel at the fact they're playing at all. But not Lin.

Linsanity turned him into a global icon and ensured he would be plagued by the same expectations of a superstar. That is more of a burden for the untested floor general than anything else.

Should Lin make the All-Star Game, it's only going to heighten the level of scrutiny devoted to a kid who hasn't really been held to a realistic standard. Truthfully, Lin would be better off losing out to Paul, as his absence from the All-Star festivities is likely to quell much of the unjustified hoopla that is actually contributing to his shaky play.

"That’s the furthest thing from my mind, to be honest, being on a five-game losing streak,” Lin said. "I don't even care right now, I'm just trying to get a win." 

Lin's more likely to get that "win," more likely to reach his actual potential by incurring one more loss.

A loss he readily, and admittedly, deserves.


*All stats in this article are accurate as of Jan. 16, 2013.