3 Destinations for Pep Guardiola That Would Devastate Barcelona Fans

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 14, 2013

3 Destinations for Pep Guardiola That Would Devastate Barcelona Fans

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    With Pep Guardiola making it known that he will return to coaching next season, the world of football is on high alert (via Goal). However, there may be no fans more worried than the fans of Barcelona.

    We have all been witnesses of the amazing accomplishments of the Catalan manager while at Barcelona. La Blaugrana will always be in Guardiola’s heart as his boyhood club, but his career is now taking him elsewhere.

    Cules will never forget what Guardiola did for the club as he created possibly the best side in the history of the game. But due to the love of Barcelona fans for the fabled boss, his next destination will hurt.

    In this article I will rate the clubs that Guardiola could possibly move to, based on how much they would devastate Barcelona fans. Rivalries will play a part as well as the chances of Guardiola hurting Barcelona.

    I also spoke with nearly 100 Barcelona fans to get their opinions on where they would hate to see Guardiola end up. The reasons were very clear and will be used in this article.

    Continue reading to find out where Cules do not want to see Guardiola next season.

Real Madrid

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    Let us go ahead and get the impossible and humorous out of the way. There is no chance of Guardiola ever going to Real Madrid. But if it did, Guardiola would quickly become the new Luis Figo.

    Real Madrid is having one of the worst seasons in history and many are starting to believe that Jose Mourinho will be leaving at the end of the campaign (via Goal). That would make the Madrid club a hot spot for any coach looking for work.

    However, no one should even expect that Guardiola would consider moving to Madrid. In fact, staying in Spain to coach would almost be seen as a betrayal by the Barcelona faithful.

    Yet if Guardiola ended up at Real Madrid in some shock to the football world, Cules would never forgive him. The trophies of the past and his work at the club would be viewed in tears if Guardiola were to walk out with his team in white.

    Again this is already impossible, but fear is fear nonetheless.

3 Bayern Munich

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    One likely destination for Pep Guardiola is German giants Bayern Munich. Of the clubs that Barcelona fans would hate to see Guardiola join, Bayern is certainly the least upsetting.

    The Daily Mail made it known recently that Bayern were aiming to bring Pep Guardiola to Germany, so the move is one that could absolutely happen.

    There is no bad blood between two sides. If anything, there is a mutual respect. So why would Cules hate seeing Guardiola at the German club?

    Bayern Munich has been in two of the last three Champions League finals. There is no secret that the German outfit is one of the strongest clubs in world football.

    For Guardiola to go to Bayern, Cules would see it as a challenge. Bayern Munich would immediately become Barcelona’s biggest rivals in Europe which would make for great encounters.

    But at this point, Barcelona fans are not looking forward to having a rivalry with a Guardiola coached club.

    The main reason for this move upsetting fans of Barcelona is the fact that it would make Bayern almost unstoppable.

2. Manchester City

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    The next club on our list that Cules would hate to see Guardiola at is none other than Manchester City. Recent reports suggest that a move to the English club appears very likely, and Barcelona fans are watching closely.

    In my discussions with many Barcelona fans, there were two reasons why they would hate this move for Pep Guardiola.

    First, Manchester City is a club that mainly uses money to run the club. This just is not the style of Guardiola, who built his team at Barcelona without using money as the main factor.

    The move to a cash-rich club would go against everything Cules know about Guardiola.

    However, there is a more prominent reason that Cules do not want Guardiola at Manchester City. Former Barcelona executive Txiki Begiristain is now on staff for City.

    If the duo were to run things at City, Barcelona fans would begin to worry about the future of the La Masia stars. City could begin to attempt to lure the young Barcelona talent to England, which would highly anger the Barcelona faithful.

    So it is clear. Cules do not want Pep Guardiola at Manchester City because it could seriously hurt Barcelona.

1. Chelsea

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    The unanimous decision of hated destinations for Pep Guardiola is Chelsea. The Blues are ready to offer Guardiola a substantial amount for his services, and the move appears to be extremely likely.

    But a move to Chelsea would be an absolute betrayal in the eyes of Barcelona fans.

    Throughout the last few years, there has been some bad blood between Barcelona and Chelsea. Heated meetings in the Champions League have created something of a rivalry.

    Not to mention Barcelona fans are still upset at the club’s early exit in the Champions League last season at the hands of a defensive Chelsea.

    Cules, along with many in the football world, still believe that Chelsea were absolutely undeserving of the Champions League trophy in May.

    For the Blues to get the signature of Guardiola, Cules would see is as a statement of “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

    But on the other hand, there is no secret that managers at Chelsea are drinking from a poisoned chalice, as I have heard it so poetically put. Guardiola is a brilliant man and should be wise enough to not walk into the career-ender that Chelsea could prove to be.

    Still, the Barcelona faithful will be heartbroken if the famous boss ends up at Chelsea. It will be nearly unforgivable, but not as bad as Luis Figo, of course.

Acceptable Destinations

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    With three incredibly talented clubs listed as destinations not for Guardiola in the eyes of Cules, where do the fans want him?

    One popular choice is Italian side AC Milan. The former Barcelona boss is familiar with Italian football and could turn things around for the struggling Milan club. Barcelona also has a very respectable relationship with AC Milan.

    Arsenal has also arisen as a popular choice. The club has a good relationship with Barcelona after selling players to the Catalan club over the years. A move to Arsenal would not be seen with resentment from the fans of Barcelona.

    However, Manchester United appears to be the favorite choice for Barcelona fans.

    United would be receiving a great manager who could continue the success of Sir Alex Ferguson. But Cules are willing to look past the strength of United for Guardiola.

    The two clubs have a very respectable relationship with no bad blood between the two. United is not a club that uses large sums of money, but instead gives moderate chances to academy players.

    In the eyes of Barcelona fans, the move just fits. It would be great for both Guardiola and Manchester United. The former Blaugrana boss will be able to keep a great relationship with his old club while still having success in Manchester.


    So what are your thoughts? Where should Guardiola end up and where would be unforgivable? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments below.


    Tre’ Atkinson, The Catalan Blood of Bleacher Report. 


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