Rex Ryan Tattoo: Coach's Latest Ink Makes Odd QB Situation Even Stranger

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2013

Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News
Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News

They say life is stranger than fiction. That must be the case because even the most creative people in the world would struggle to come up with a storyline similar to the New York Jets.

The team has spent the past year dominating headlines with its fighting during practices, trashing each other to the media and simply filling the roster with some of the most interesting characters in sports. 

Oh, and they also played football occasionally. 

Of course, on the field it was rarely pretty and it often looked like this: 

However, the latest news has to be the most bizarre of anything we have witnessed. Photographers caught a glimpse of head coach Rex Ryan sunbathing, as well as his very interesting tattoo (via New York Daily News).

The tattoo appears to be of his wife Michelle striking a "Tebow" pose while wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.

Throughout the entire course of the season, the quarterback controversy in New York was one of the top storylines for the entire NFL.

Tim Tebow was acquired in a trade from the Denver Broncos after taking his former team to the playoffs as a starting quarterback. However, the popular player was never given a chance to succeed in a regular offense, instead being used only in gimmick plays as part of a wildcat offense.

Meanwhile, Sanchez remained the starter for most of the season despite less-than-stellar results. According to Total QBR, which rates all of a quarterback's contributions to winning on a scale of 0-100, Sanchez was last among qualified players with a score of 23.4.

The controversy was made even stronger when Ryan passed over Tebow and gave Greg McElroy a start in Week 16. He then went back to Sanchez in Week 17.

When announcing his starting quarterback for the last week of the year, the Jets' official website reported that the coach started his press conference with, "You're not going to believe this." 

He is wrong. There might not be anything left that we would not believe regarding this soap opera.

By putting a tattoo of someone with a Sanchez jersey on his arm, whether it is his wife or not, shows that Ryan embraces the craziness that has gone on over the past year. He likely did not want to be photographed shirtless, but it is difficult to hide a permanent mark like that on his arm.

It is unknown what direction the Jets will go regarding the quarterback situation next season. It will be tough to move Sanchez and his large contract, but Ryan has repeatedly said that the former USC star gives his team the best chance to win.

The latest ink also implies that he wants the player to remain a part of his life in some way.

Unfortunately for fans of the team, it seems like this type of absurdity is not going away anytime soon.