Arsenal: Arsene Wenger Struggles with Puffy Coat in Win over Newcastle (Video)

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The other day, we here at Set Piece poked fun at Sir Alex Ferguson's latest misadventures in chewing gum. In the interest of equal-time mockery, we now bring you Arsene Wenger's battle with the puffy coat.

If you're somehow unaware of Wenger's long, sordid history with his unapologetically unfashionable overcoat, it has its own Facebook page here. By all means, what are you waiting for?

Some have called it puffy. Nearly all have snickered with barely concealed glee as the erstwhile chic manager waddles around ungracefully on the touchline. We've always thought the coat makes Wenger look like the Michelin Man—only less manly. But what do we know?

The point is, it's nearly impossible for any man—or woman, really—to look suave in such an oversized, overly puffy coat. Wenger conveniently proved the point Saturday during Arsenal's madcap 7-3 home win over Newcastle United in the Barclays Premier League.

If you're looking for lessons from the match, B/R's Charlie Melman has you covered right here. But if you want to have a good chuckle at Wenger's expense, watch the video above.

In the clip, Wenger struggles—mightily, we might add—to zip up his famous puffy coat. This is no ordinary struggle, either. It's one of those problems where the zipper refuses to work at either end.

Add in the automatic hilarity provided by the coat itself and you've got yourself some comedy gold. The video, which is of course all in good fun, is our Set Piece Video of the Day for this Sunday. Enjoy.

And if you're looking for that extra bit of over-the-line, NSFW humor, 101 Great Goals has you covered. You've been warned.

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