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Defensive Midfield Holds Key to Unlocking Potential

By Matt Clough (Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

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    Arsenal's 4-1 Win Just Another False Dawn

    by Sam Pilger

    In the final moments of Saturday evening as Arsenal coasted towards an impressive 4-1 victory over Newcastle United , Arsene Wenger ’s name could be heard sung around the Emirates stadium..... Read More »

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    WF's Monday Morning Hangover

    by Alex Dimond

    Welcome to world football's Monday Morning Hangover, an homage to the NFL section's own Monday Morning Hangover, in which we round up the key stories and important points from the last weekend in wo... Read More »

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    No Excuse for Arsenal Against Monaco

    by Nick Miller

    For the 12th year in a row, Arsenal awaited the draw for the second phase of the Champions League, and given the teams they have faced in the past, one imagines they did so with some trepidation...... Read More »

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    Wenger Smoked on Monaco Bench

    by Sean Fay

    Arsenal drew Monaco in the Champions League last-16 draw, which means Arsene Wenger will return to the club he took charge of from 1987 to 1994... Read More »

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    Hottest Gossip of the Week

    by BR UK News

    Another Sunday means it's time for another batch of the hottest football gossip from around the world. On the menu this week is Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger , whose fortunes improved ... Read More »