Ranking the 5 Most Likely Job Titles for Tim Tebow in 2013

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaFeatured Columnist IVDecember 24, 2012

Ranking the 5 Most Likely Job Titles for Tim Tebow in 2013

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    If Chris Mortensen is correct, it looks like Tim Tebow's 2013 will be a homecoming where he signs with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    While with the Jaguars, it's apparent that Tebow will compete with Chad Henne and whoever the Jaguars decide to draft for the starting quarterback position in Jacksonville. This is likely the best place in the NFL for Tebow to compete as a quarterback and earn the starting job for the long term.

    Wait, what did CBS Sports' Pete Prisco tweet out?

    The word is the Jaguars would bring him in as a fullback/H-back not as QB.

    — Pete Prisco (@PriscoCBS) December 24, 2012

    That changes everything.

    Of course we won't fully know what Tebow's role will be with the Jaguars until the offseason commences (which for both parties couldn't be soon enough), and we don't even know if Tebow will wind up in Jacksonville to begin with.

    But, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun in trying to figure out what his job title will be in 2013.

Jaguars Waterboy

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    If you're familiar with the Adam Sandler-classic (that's not a typo) The Waterboy, then you will see that Tebow being Jacksonville's waterboy isn't such a bad thing.

    He could start in that position, but don't worry, I have a hunch that he will be "excited" to fulfill his duties dispensing high quality H2O to the boys.

    But after the Jaguars start the season at 0-4, something must be done.

    Tebow, it seems, has developed an aggression problem from all of the years he's heard about how he wasn't "an NFL quarterback," which was only exacerbated by his treatment by Rex Ryan and the Jets. He finally takes it out on a poor, unsuspecting Chad Henne in practice, which causes Jaguars head coach Chip Kelly to consider using Tebow on defense at linebacker instead of on offense.

    The result?

    Jacksonville winds up winning 11 out of their last 12 games, leap-frogging the Texans and Colts for the AFC South title with Tebow as their defensive MVP. Right away he earns comparisons to great linebackers such as Derrick Thomas, Lawrence Taylor and Junior Seau.

    Then comes playoff time where his first opponent is the San Diego Chargers, led by head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

    Tebow records five sacks on Philip Rivers, knocking him out of the game, and leads the Jaguars to victory.

    After a win in the divisional playoffs over the New England Patriots, Tebow and the Jags face their biggest test in the AFC Championship game: Peyton Manning, John Fox and the Denver Broncos.

    Remember how The Waterboy ended?

Jaguars Special Teams Ace

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    So, what if Tebow's eventual NFL destiny is to be the next Don Beebe?

    This isn't a bad thing; Don Beebe belongs in the Hall of Fame. While playing for the Buffalo Bills from 1989-94 (as well as with the Carolina Panthers in 1995 and Green Bay Packers from 1996-97), Beebe was a great special teams player who helped anchor one of the best units in the NFL.

    If this is Tebow's destiny, how could this be a bad thing?

Jaguars H-Back/Tight End

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    What quarterback wouldn't want a target that's 6'2" 236 pounds and can punish anything that gets in his way?

    I can't think of many.

    What offensive coordinator wouldn't want a versatile halfback that can not only give you at least five yards per carry, but also punish those trying to hit him more than they would punish him?

    Tebow's biggest threat has always been when he's running with the ball. It's time for him to embrace that himself. It's actually one of the few things keeping him from being a great NFL player, and not just a sideshow.

    But we all know he wants to be a quarterback.  So with that in mind, turn to the next slide.

Jaguars Quarterback

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    Tim Tebow wants to play quarterback.

    So far, he hasn't gotten the message yet that teams don't want him playing quarterback. They don't want him playing quarterback for them, nor do they want him playing quarterback against them (because he does have this bad little habit of beating them).

    It's likely that despite the intentions of the Jaguars organization when bringing Tebow in (if they choose to do so), he will find himself in the middle of a quarterback race. If his opponents in said race are Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert, Tebow will likely be their starting quarterback in Week 1.

    It's not the best decision, simply because he really doesn't have as much power at the position as he would as a halfback or a tight end. This is why when teams were scouting him for the draft, it was exactly at those positions and not so much at quarterback.

    But quarterback isn't even the most likely job title that Tebow will hold in Jacksonville.

    In the end, the Jaguars are bringing him in for one reason.

Jaguars Ticket Salesman

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    Tim Tebow sells. Period.

    Tebow equals ratings, which of course sells advertising slots. Tebow sells Jockeys, Tivos and his beliefs.

    Tebow is a celebrity in every sense of the word, and that celebrity is the main reason why the Jaguars (or any struggling team) might bring him in.

    Granted, the Jaguars aren't doing nearly as bad as their fellow Florida teams, but they do have the dimmest of futures on the field, as of right now.

    So, he's not there to play quarterback, H-Back, special teams or linebacker. Tim Tebow will be brought to Jacksonville for one reason; to sell tickets.