New York Jets and 6 NFL Teams We're Sick of Seeing in Primetime

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2012

New York Jets and 6 NFL Teams We're Sick of Seeing in Primetime

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    The New York Jets are constantly shoved down NFL's fans' throats with undeserved prime-time slots each year, but they certainly aren't the only team we're sick of seeing on prime time. 

    There are several teams in the NFL that seemingly always occupy these coveted slots, whether it be Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football or Thursday Night Football. Even the Thanksgiving games each year seem to be littered with the same teams. 

    It's an unfortunate situation for NFL fans, who don't typically get to see out-of-market teams a lot. Parity is currently at its highest in the NFL right now, but you wouldn't know it given the same few teams that always occupy the prime-time space—regardless of how talented they actually are.

    Let's take a look at teams we're tired of seeing in the prime-time slots, when more deserving teams should be taking their spots. 

6. San Diego Chargers

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    For whatever reason, the San Diego Chargers continue to see a ridiculous amount of prime-time games each year despite being an annually mediocre product.

    This year is no different, as the Chargers received five prime-time slots.

    If one had to guess, the Chargers continue to be a big draw because of their once-elite quarterback Philip Rivers. That simply isn't the case anymore, as he's continued to regress over the past few seasons. 

    Rivers is struggling and the Chargers are 5-9. San Diego hasn't reached the postseason since 2009 and continue to be one of the more erratic teams under soon-to-be-fired head coach Norv Turner

    If fans in San Diego don't care enough to pay to see the Chargers play, why should NFL fans elsewhere be subjected to this poor product? 

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't had a season above 8-8 since 2007, and that certainly won't be changing with the team currently at 2-12 this year. So why in the world do the Jaguars keep getting nationally televised games? 

    Don't answer that. 

    It's understandable that each team receives a prime-time game at least once a year now, but there has to be an exception made for the Jaguars. The lone prime-time game for the Jaguars this season? A Week 10 home beatdown at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts

    Jacksonville has no positives in sight. Blaine Gabbert isn't the answer at quarterback. Neither is Chad Henne. With no building blocks to speak of, the foreseeable future is bleak. 

    The Jaguars are similar to the San Diego Chargers in that their own fans don't usually care enough to fill up the stadium, so why should the rest of NFL fanbase be punished with this mediocrity? 

4. Detroit Lions

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    The Detroit Lions have had one winning season in what is soon to be 12 years (the team is horrible at 4-10 thus far in 2012), but for some reason the NFL continues to shove the horrendous franchise down fans' throats. 

    Detroit actually had a winning season last year, which likely explains their four prime-time showdowns overall in 2012. 

    What cannot be explained is the continued reluctance to yank the Lions from the Thanksgiving schedule. In what cannot be deemed a surprise, the Lions lost this Thanksgiving to the Houston Texans

    Not only do the Lions need to be removed from Thanksgiving, they also need to be removed all prime-time slots outside of their mandated allotment of one per year.

    At least, until Detroit can prove it can be consistently competitive. 

3. Dallas Cowboys

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    We get it. The Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team" and therefore must be in a ludicrous amount of prime-time games each year. 

    That said, NFL fans are becoming a bit overexposed to the team from Dallas, as the Cowboys are seemingly on national television every week. Even the sight of Jerry Jones in his press box is getting a bit much at this point. 

    To be fair, the Cowboys have been consistently good over the past few years, but it seems the attention is never really on football; instead, it is always on whom Tony Romo is dating or how soon the next head coach will be fired. 

    Dallas has one of the biggest NFL fanbases, but that doesn't mean they have to occupy every time slot that means anything each and every year.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers may be the one team on this list that actually has any form of consistent success and deserves to be in a plethora of prime-time games each year.

    That doesn't mean we aren't sick of them.

    Like the Dallas Cowboys, the Steelers have an amazing fanbase that travels well to each game no matter the location. That said, it doesn't necessarily mean their fans deserve to be so spoiled with constant national games.

    The "Terrible Towel" schtick is getting a bit old, as is the roster. Pittsburgh is having some serious difficulty playing consistently well this year, which hopefully should turn into a lack of prime-time games next season.

    Don't count on it.  

1. New York Jets

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    Is there anything more pathetic in today's NFL than the antics of the younger brother in New York?

    The Jets are a circus that requires a boatload of attention at all times in order to feel important in the same city as the Super Bowl champion New York Giants—hence the signing of the most polarizing figure in all of sports, Tim Tebow

    The antics pulled by the Jets front office work and likely bring in a lot of money. They also reel in a lot of prime-time slots each year. 

    The Jets are a lot of things the NFL shouldn't want to promote. Trash talking, divided locker room and just plain mediocre football. Yet, for some reason they are always on television. 

    Between a loud-mouthed head coach in Rex Ryan and what could possibly be the worst quarterback controversy in NFL history between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, we're sick of seeing the Jets on national television.