No Clear Winner in the Manning vs. Luck Debate and Other AFC South Must-Reads

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No Clear Winner in the Manning vs. Luck Debate and Other AFC South Must-Reads
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Everything is looking up for the Colts.

Peyton Manning will likely win the MVP award.

Andrew Luck may be the most impressive rookie quarterback ever.

If one thing is clear, it's that there's no clear winner in the debate about what the Indianapolis Colts should have done last March.

Of course, don't tell that to Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star, who spends his most recent column gloating about being right about the Luck-Manning decision.

Kravitz is right of course, because everyone knows Manning has spent the entire season hurt and never returned to his former glory.

Oh wait...

The fact is that the Colts had two viable roads last March. There was no way to screw up the choice between Luck and Manning. No matter what Jim Irsay had elected, the Colts would have a top-shelf quarterback.

The only possible mistake would have been to try to keep both.

Had the Colts kept Manning and dealt the rights to Luck to the Redskins, Indy would likely have nine or 10 wins, and fans would be enjoying the miracle that is Manning's recovery.

The chance to enjoy the end of Manning's career would have had extra value to fans of the Colts well beyond additional seasons of greatness by Luck.

As it is, the team has eight wins and a bright future.

The Colts could have happily dealt away Luck and drafted some other young quarterback later as insurance. Imagine Russell Wilson backing up Manning.

Kravitz was right. The Colts did the right thing.

Of course, if they had done the exact opposite of what he advocated, that would have been the right thing too.

General Interest

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Indianapolis Colts

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