7 Funniest Moments of Blake Griffin's L.A. Clippers Career

Oren FriedmanCorrespondent IINovember 28, 2012

7 Funniest Moments of Blake Griffin's L.A. Clippers Career

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    While Blake Griffin might be one of the most polarizing players in the NBA for his style of play, there is no denying the humor that surrounds the young big man’s game. 

    From interning at Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die to grappling with the intimidating Zach Randolph, Griffin has had some funny and entertaining moments in his brief time in the league. 

    Regardless of what fans think about his game, any basketball lover can appreciate the funny things that Griffin brings on and off the court. 

    Here are the seven funniest moments of Blake Griffin’s Los Angeles Clippers career.

7. ESPYs Interview with Kevin Love and Rob Riggle

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    Rob Riggle’s ESPY Awards interview with Kevin Love and Blake Griffin was quite the demonstration of the NBA’s comedic flavor.

    Apparently unable to hear Riggle, Love and Griffin began casually discussing everything from Game of Thrones to some of Riggle’s alleged vices.

    The skit is full of tongue-in-cheek humor and irony, perfectly played off by the clever Griffin and quick-witted Love.  Already two of the premiere comedic duos in the game, Griffin and Love’s performance in concert with Riggle make for some great laughter.

6. Blake on the Muppets

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    Blake Griffin’s first appearance on The Muppets was full of humor and awkward moments. 

    Perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek comedy from the show’s producers, Griffin was brought on in his game jersey with a basketball to present the word of the day “champion.” 

    Ironically, the only basketball competition that Griffin has won was the 2011 dunk contest. When the episode went on the air in September, Griffin was finishing his recovery from a knee injury that kept him out of the 2012 Olympics. To date, BG had just four playoff victories to his name.

    Griffin was brought on to make chicken noises and serve as a judge for the Muppets, bringing together some awkward moments as he attempted to demonstrate his on-stage prowess.

5. Scuffle with Zach Randolph in the Season Opener

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    After the Clippers-Grizzlies seven-game slugfest in last season’s playoffs, it was safe to say that the two teams did not like each other.

    From chippy fouls in the series to Rudy Gay openly expressing his dislike for Lob City, the stage was set for something of a Game 8 under the guise of the 2012-13 season opener. 

    The game lived up to its hype, full of big moments and physical play. 

    After double technicals were assessed to Zach Randolph and Blake Griffin late in the fourth quarter, the game took on some renewed bad blood.

    The next play down the court, Randolph threw Griffin to the hardwood. 

    Last season probably would have seen Griffin lose his cool, but fans of both teams could only exhale when both big men laughed it off. 

    While this scene is nothing compared to Griffin’s other on-camera comedy acts, it was a refreshing change of pace and a funny moment at the Staples Center.

4. Missed Dunks

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    Arguably the most electrifying finisher in the NBA, Blake Griffin has made a name for himself by throwing it down on opponents. 

    From developing the verb “Mozgov-ed” to posterizing a helpless Kendrick Perkins, Griffin’s dunks have primarily characterized his game. 

    So what happens when Griffin misses a huge jam? 

    Aside from a collective sigh from excited fans, Griffin typically flashes a smile and checks the jumbotron to find out where things went wrong.

3. Dora the Explorer Backpack

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    As part of his rookie hazing in 2009, Blake Griffin was given a Dora the Explorer backpack to walk around with at practices and during training camp.

    Griffin graciously carried around other players’ headbands and sweatbands and supplied the team with donuts. 

    When pictures of the 6’10”, 250-pound Griffin surfaced with the tiny pink backpack, teammates and fans could only laugh.

    The irony was tremendous, as Griffin was the No. 1 overall draft pick and tapped as the team’s premiere franchise cornerstone. Watching him carry donut boxes in his tiny pink backpack took a lot of the tension out of an otherwise hectic training camp.

2. Funny or Die

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    Looking to stay busy during the NBA lockout, Blake Griffin decided to put his humorous talents to use and grabbed an internship with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny or Die.

    About the same age as many of the company’s college interns, Griffin was ready to get to work and gain some insight into the world of Hollywood comedy.

    Griffin has appeared in multiple Funny or Die clips, but perhaps his funniest was “24/7 Blake Griffin: NBA Star Turned Intern.”

    In the clip, Griffin depicts the stress of being an intern at Funny or Die. Culminating with some unseemly words for Will Ferrell, Griffin really taps into his inner Oscar winner.

1. Blake Face

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    Perhaps the funniest moment of Blake Griffin’s career was not entirely Griffin's doing. 

    Chris Paul’s son’s rendition of Griffin’s intense “Blake Face” during the Clippers' first-round matchup against Memphis took the postseason by storm. Almost overnight, the Blake Face became part of the NBA’s postseason marketing campaign. 

    Little Chris’ intense crunch time face brought the media to a laughing uproar and was a fitting change of pace from the physical Clips-Grizzlies series.

    Prior to the establishment of the Blake Face, few would have assumed that Griffin’s crunch-time performances could inspire any semblance of comedy.