1. Join us in wishing @RudyGay8 of the @SacramentoKings a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! http://t.co/FudjXJfIVg

  2. Gay Scores Season-High 36 Points, Kings Beat Bucks

  3. Watch: Gay Slams Throws Down the Lob from Casspi

  4. Gay’s Oop with 0.7 Forces OT After Kemba’s Clutch Jumper

  5. Coach Karl..."Rudy will play, Darren will not."

  6. Happy Birthday @RudyGay8! The @SacramentoKings forward turns 29 today. http://t.co/E47I0LYEVa

  7. Inside look at @RudyGay8’s third day of Training Camp! Gallery » http://t.co/k6hDkPmFD4 http://t.co/peiZwEZ56h

  8. Kings starting five tonight: @RajonRondo @BenMcLemore @RudyGay8 @boogiecousins @kostakoufos 

  9. Rudy Gay Struggles to Find His Game Without Cousins

  10. Gay Leads Kings to 107-98 Win Over Pelicans

  11. PF Position Battle: Gay as Stretch Four the Favorite?

  12. Kings up 79-76 after 3 quarters of play and @RudyGay8 is my best friend. That is all

  13. Starting five for the Kings tonight: @RajonRondo, @JA_Five, @RudyGay8, @boogiecousins and @THEwillieCS15 #SacramentoProud

  14. Postgame Reaction: @RudyGay8 Watch » http://t.co/rQEPyuUzYr http://t.co/rFalOR9f38

  15. Rumor: Bulls May Explore Trade for Rudy Gay

  16. In mid-season form... @RudyGay8 with another big night (26 & 7) in the @SacramentoKings preseason victory! https://t.co/tmgGXppOoI

  17. 80% from deep over the last two...@RudyGay8 is locked in for tonight. http://t.co/AkJRISuljH

  18. END OF THE 1ST: Kings lead 29-25. @RudyGay8 and @MarcoBelinelli lead the team with 8 PTS each. https://t.co/jB6qK34AnL

  19. HALFTIME: Kings trail 50-40. @RudyGay8 is tied for game-high with 10 PTS. https://t.co/PKPjrKYwIS

  20. Kings stats: @RudyGay8 led the team with 19 PTS and added 5 REB. https://t.co/N8CVovIDgV

  21. We see you, @RudyGay8 https://t.co/2gK5hqClFU

  22. North posted this #FlashbackFriday of @RudyGay8... https://t.co/iS3bjjP34W

  23. END OF THE 1ST: Kings lead 36-23. @boogiecousins leads all scorers with 15 PTS while @RudyGay8 has added 12. https://t.co/HQAL4YWiDv

  24. HALFTIME: Kings lead 61-49. @boogiecousins has 23, @RudyGay8 has 19. https://t.co/FzM72HTjAw

  25. “We’re a family, man. We’re a family.”- @RudyGay8 following tonight’s win. Watch » https://t.co/CWdKuP1iCQ https://t.co/dcXN9dPxfU

  26. Update on @RudyGay8, @Darren_Collison & @Sdotcurry for tonight's game Injury Report » https://t.co/qqLIAeN80m https://t.co/Hsr9feIDRP

  27. Kings starters: @RajonRondo, @BenMcLemore, @RudyGay8, @THEwillieCS15 and @boogiecousins.

  28. Different plays, same result. @RudyGay8 taking ✈ https://t.co/BVSvYiLiOZ

  29. Beautiful pass from @RajonRondo to @RudyGay8. Kings 92, Hawks 99. 1:30 to go.

  30. Nice defense, but better O by @RudyGay8.. https://t.co/lvlTl7ggUu

  31. Get the latest on @RudyGay8's left shoulder MRI today Read » https://t.co/wVzxnDW6eS https://t.co/mxB7FxOBv1