Report: Gay Undergoes Concussion Test

By Matt Fitzgerald (Photo: Layne Murdoch Jr./Getty Images)

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    Gay out with Left Patellar Tendon Strain

    by Timothy Rapp

    Sacramento Kings small forward Rudy Gay has been one of the bright spots in an odd year for the Kings, but even that bright spot has dimmed somewhat as Gay is suffering from a left patellar tendo... Read More »

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    Gay Dunks All over Thomas Robinson

    by Team Stream Now

    Rudy Gay is off to an aggressive start at Wells Fargo Center. He had one play that had the entire Sacramento Kings bench on its feet. Watch the video above as he slashes through the lane and ... Read More »

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    Fan Desperately Wants Gay to Sink FT

    by Arman Walia

    While Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay was attempting a free throw against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, the camera caught a fan showing all the feels... Read More »

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    Gay Misses Sunday's Game vs. Suns

    by Tim Daniels

    Rudy Gay battled a foot injury in early February that caused him to miss one game, on Feb. 8. He returned to action against the Bulls on Feb. 10 and has been in the lineup ever since... Read More »

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    The Messy Evolution of Rudy Gay

    by Howard Beck

    SACRAMENTO — It wasn't an epiphany. That would imply an instantaneous realization, an aha moment. Rudy Gay 's awakening didn't happen all at once. It came gradually, through a series of jolts to h... Read More »