Breaking Down the Shield as the Best Young Faction in WWE

Scott CarasikContributor IINovember 27, 2012

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Courtesy
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Courtesy

The Shield made it's debut last night as a true faction. WWE fans got introduced to the Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns combination in an interview with announcer Michael Cole that drew memories of the first DX, NWO or even Nation of Domination interview.

They originally made a silent debut—one without a promo—at Survivor Series and then also the next night at Raw. They looked to be originally aligned as either Paul Heyman guys or CM Punk's cronies.

Then, this interview happened. They claimed it was only about protecting the injustices. It was about being a shield against the tyranny of the WWE Board of Directors and WWE Universe. They claimed it had nothing to do with CM Punk.

Then, they came out later in the night for another beat down of someone who was wrestling Punk. As a faction, there's no question where their loyalties lie. But let's break down why they are so good at an individual level:


Roman Reigns

The enforcer of the group is none other than Roman Reigns—formerly known in football circles as Georgia Tech defensive tackle Joe Anoa'i. As Wild Samoan Sika Anoa'i's son and a part of the great Anoa'i wrestling family that includes talents like The Rock and Yokozuna, Roman has a lot to live up to.

A 6'3" 265 pound beast, Roman looks like he is the power of the group. His mic skills are lacking but his script was perfect in the interview. And he executed his limited lines in a perfect fashion to show that he is just the main muscle of the group.

Then again, his father made a living of grunting and speaking Samoan dialects, so mic skills are secondary to what he brings. Roman is a true powerhouse. He's part of the Samoan wrestling royal family.

The presence of a member of the Anoa'i in this group alone says that it's going to be The Shield of "Wrestling", not The Shield of "Sports Entertainment". And for that, wrestling fans should be thankful.


Seth Rollins

The NXT Champion is now on WWE television. Seth Rollins is a technician who will thrive as a CM Punk clone in The Shield. He's got charisma and talent that is shining through with the group; however, long term will see him overshadowed by Dean Ambrose.

For now, Rollins is going to be in a early-career Shawn Michaels role. He will show out as a team level competitor, but long term he has WWE champion written all over him. Unlike the other two members of The Shield, Rollins has the easiest to project future.

He's so naturally talented that it's going to be easy to see his long term rise to the top of the world's biggest wrestling organization. His role in The Shield is just the means to an end. 


Dean Ambrose

Say hello to the man who created a moment that will go down in WWE history as one of the best performances by a debuting faction. Dean Ambrose is looking like the obvious choice as the leader of this new group.

Dean Ambrose is known for cutting great promos in the independent circuit under his old ring name, Jon Moxley. However, as you can see in the video above, Ambrose just has an it factor that makes you want to hear him on the mic.

He made his counterparts look like they had no charisma in comparison. His Brian Pillman-meets-Heath Ledger's Joker performance style will only create more fans and endear him to a crowd that is just looking like it needed something fresh to get interested again.

Add in the wrestling talent that he has shown in NXT when it was the former Florida Championship Wrestling and on the independent circuit, and he could truly be one of those transcendent stars that everyone knows. Not just the die hard wrestling fans.


Combine all this talent and you have the makings of a tremendously talented group that looks like something we haven't seen before. As Dean Ambrose says in the above interview, "We're not the Nexus. We're not the NWO. If you wanna see the NWO, go buy the DVD."

The Shield is a tremendous group of talent. Let's just hope that the creative parts of WWE allow them to truly flourish as something that could be bigger than the NWO. Only, this group will protect the WWE as a wrestling show because after all, that's what the WWE is.


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