Washington Redskins 2012: RGIII Senses 'Something Is Building'

John Bibb@@JohnBibbAnalyst IIINovember 25, 2012

RG3 has thrown the ball, rushed the ball and was even a receiver on a play this 2012 season?  What can't he do?  Go unnoticed week after week.
RG3 has thrown the ball, rushed the ball and was even a receiver on a play this 2012 season? What can't he do? Go unnoticed week after week.Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

If I'm a Dos Equis advertising executive and thinking of the next spokesperson for their beer, what better choice than Washington Redskins rookie QB Robert Griffin III?  

To play on some of the lines used in several "Double X" commercials:  

  • When RG3 is spotted in the woods, Bigfoot takes a photograph.  
  • Enemies of RG3 list him as their emergency contact.  

After all, when he's on the field even opposing QBs take note. So are NFL teams and defenses. Even NFL coaches, former coaches, defensive coordinators and at least one NFL owner have come forth in their admiration and awe of his performance thus far in the 2012 season.

Following Dallas' 38-31 loss to Washington on Thanksgiving Day, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told USA Today, "hopefully we don't have to play RG3 but one more time."

Speaking at halftime of the FOX NFL Sunday Thanksgiving Day broadcast of the Cowboys vs. Redskins game, former Cowboys coach and FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson called him the "MVP of the NFL this season." 

Is this too much pressure to place upon a rookie who has less than a dozen NFL games on his resume?

In his address to the media following the win in Dallas, RG3 was asked about his team's performance over the last two weeks.  More accurately, the 'Skins' wins over NFC East division rivals Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys within five days.  

RG3 calmly replied, "I feel the sense that something is building."


Since their Week 9 bye, the Redskins have defeated the Eagles and Cowboys by a combined score of 69-37. They've had just one turnover, an interception against Dallas, which was only RG3's fourth INT in 300-plus pass attempts this season.  

Within five days, they have scored while in the red zone on 4-of-7 opportunities.  In a combined 26 offensive drives, they've scored 11 times.  Entering the Cowboys game they were the most penalized team in the NFL.  The 'Skins committed only five penalties against the Cowboys.

If whatever RG3 senses is "something," it has all the appearances of a team that has entered the second half of the 2012 season with a new sense of winning.  In a matter of five days, the 'Skins went from a 3-6 team with no playoff chances to a 5-6 team with a drive and a taste of what lies ahead should this continue.

RG3 has averaged more rushing yards than over a dozen starting running backs in the NFL and has combined primarily with rookie RB Alfred Morris to give the 'Skins the second highest rushing average in the league. 

When you look at his rank as an NFL starting QB, RG3 has completed over 67 percent of his passes, his average yards per completion is a staggering 12-plus yards, and eight of his 16 passing TDs have come in the last week against separate opponents—back-to-back four TD games in a span of five days.

Oh, there's something happening Mr. Griffin.  Sports fans young and old always have sports icons that weave in and out of their lives like the tides on a beach.  There is a lot at stake every week in the NFL, especially when December is right around the corner.  

Coach Mike Shanahan, the Washington coaching staff and the team have all stepped-up and it has been noticeable since the bye week. 

In order to bring this all together, allow me to put this out there for Dos Equis and make the following suggestion: RG3 is "The Most Interesting Man in the NFL."


***Unless otherwise noted, all statistics are courtesy of Redskins.com or NFL.com.***