Tim Tebow and the New York Jets Star Players as Led Zeppelin Songs

Adam Waksman@@AdamWaksmanCorrespondent IIINovember 27, 2012

Tim Tebow and the New York Jets Star Players as Led Zeppelin Songs

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    Tim Tebow and the rest of the New York Jets' well-known cast have increasingly become household names this season, as the Jets continue to be the most controversial team in the NFL.

    When the classic rock band Led Zeppelin first formed in 1968, the Jets were in the middle of the season during which they would win their first Super Bowl—the first Super Bowl by any AFC team.

    The group has left behind a myriad of well-known songs that are still popular today. Several of them capture the unique personalities found on the Jets' roster.

    I present each Jets star player as represented by their most appropriate Led Zeppelin hit.

Achilles Last Stand

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    Achilles Last Stand is the perfect song for free safety LaRon Landry.

    In his first year with the Jets, Landry was picked up cheap due to his lingering Achilles tendon problems. He has not gotten surgery and is attempting to heal it naturally.

    He has stayed healthy in games this year and played hard, but he has rarely been able to practice fully and is perpetually on the questionable list.

    Every week his hard play makes Jets fans nervous about his health, leaving them wondering if that game will be the last stand for his Achilles and his career.

Wearing and Tearing

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    Shonn Greene is a physical, wear-you-down running back.

    He is not fast or quick, but he is powerful and tough. His style is meant to be ground-and-pound and includes a high number of carries, to the point of wearing out the defense in the second half.

    This season, Greene has not been as effective as in previous years. He has had health problems and his carry numbers have been kept relatively low.

    If he wants to get back to success, he needs to be able to wear and tear defenses again.

I Can't Quit You Baby

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    Jet's head coach Rex Ryan and New York City in its entirety cannot quit struggling quarterback Mark Sanchez just yet.

    He has been inconsistent, if anything, over his first four seasons. While he has been tremendously clutch in big games and in the playoffs, he has had plenty of stinkers in the regular season.

    Sanchez continues to play just barely well enough to keep his starting job. It does not look like he is turning into a Pro Bowler anytime soon, but New York cannot quit him just yet.

Trampled Under Foot

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    Trampled Under Foot is what I think when I think of outside linebacker Calvin Pace. No player on the Jets defense is more responsible for the drop-off since 2009 than Pace.

    A dominant pass-rusher in 2009 and one of the players New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady most feared, Pace has been irrelevant this year.

    While Pace has been invisible in the pass rush and ineffective in coverage, perhaps his biggest problem is that he has become hopeless against the run. Trampled under foot describes what he looks like on an average running play.

Dazed and Confused

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    Due to the bad feelings left behind by former right tackle Wayne Hunter, current right tackle Austin Howard gets a lot of leeway.

    He is just as bad as Hunter ever was, but he does not get that much criticism for it.

    The biggest problem with Howard is in pass protection. Quality pass-rushers often spin around him or speed-rush him without being slowed down.

    In the wake of players like Cameron Wake, Howard is left dazed and confused.

Good Times Bad Times

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    Good Times Bad Times is the song for star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

    The first five years of his career (2007-2011) were arguably the best five years a cornerback has played in NFL history. Without a doubt, the Jets owed their 2009 and 2010 playoff berths to him.

    Those were the good times. This year's got the bad times.

    With a season-ending ACL tear, Revis can hope at best to be back for offseason training. The Jets were 2-0 in the two games Revis played in this year.

    Without him, they are 2-7.

Your Time Is Gonna Come

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    Second-year defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson is arguably the most underrated defender in the NFL.

    It is not hard to understand why Wilkerson is so unrecognized. He plays defensive end in a 3-4 defense, perhaps the least noticed position in the NFL (outside of special teams).

    Moreover, despite his production, the Jets are 4-7 and probably not going to make the playoffs.

    Nevertheless, Wilkerson's individual play has been a revelation. With Darrelle Revis injured for the year, Wilkerson has stepped into the role of best player on the team. 

    He is the second-rated 3-4 defensive end in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus, behind J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans.

    Wilkerson is especially underrated as a pass-rusher. He is sixth out of 3-4 ends in the league with 16 quarterback hurries, though he is rarely mentioned as one the premier pass-rushers. 

    Don't worry, Mo. Your time is gonna come.

Ten Years Gone

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    Linebacker Bart Scott began his career in the NFL 10 years ago as an undrafted rookie.

    After years of elite play with the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets—including an All-Pro selection in 2006—Scott's career may have finally run its course.

    Still a smart player, age has taken its toll on Scott. He is too slow for pass coverage, and he almost never plays on third downs anymore.

    Lately he has been benched even on most normal downs. Bryan Thomas, Demario Davis and Garrett McIntyre have all been seeing more snaps at the linebacker position than Scott.

    One position that will be seeing upheaval in the offseason is linebacker.

    Scott might be the first one to go.

Ramble On

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    Ramble On pretty much sums up the Tim Tebow story at this point in the season.

    There is no debate anymore who the starting quarterback is for the Jets this season. Sanchez will be finishing out the year, and no one within the organization questions the decision.

    The real question is: why is Tebow still talked about?

    Approaching the trade deadline, it was expected that the Jacksonville Jaguars would make some sort of trade proposal for Tebow. However, the Jaguars refused to offer anything at all.

    Given his current contract, it does not appear that any team besides the Jets wants Tebow on their roster.

    That debate is over, for this year anyway. Tebow will sit on the Jets' bench until 2013.

    So why does the debate ramble on in the media when it's over in the NFL?


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