NFL Pre-Draft Offseason Ranking

Matt StephensCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2008

Tom Coughlin led his team to Super Bowl XLII, can he do it again?


The NFL is known for it's parity. Why then do we see the same 4 or 5 teams at the top of the league and the same 4 or 5 teams at the bottom year after year? Parity is overhyped.

Now that Free Agency is winding down and the draft is winding up, it's time to take a look at where the teams stand. Until proven otherwise, the champions stay at the top.


The Contenders

  • 1. New York Giants: I don't actually think they will stay on top, their division is too strong and I still question Eli. He's always shown he can get hot, but can he sustain it?
  • 2. New England Patriots: Despite his cheating, they still have Hoodie. They also have one of the easiest 2008 schedules.
  • 3. Indianaplis Colts: Peyton finally has a defense to compliment his offense, it's a scary combination.
  • 4. San Diego Chargers:The biggest question for this team is if they can recover from all of their offseason surgeries. Seven Pro-Bowl players are rehabbing this summer.
  • 5. Dallas Cowboys: Is this the year that T.O. blows the team up, or does Romo finally prove that he doesn't crumble in the post-season?

Almost There

  • 6. Jacksonville Jaguars: They are trying hard to close the gap between themselves and the Colts. It appears to be working.
  • 7. New Orleans Saints: They are only a year removed from the NFC Championship and have made some moves to shore up their weak point, defense.
  • 8. Cleveland Browns: The Browns are slowly creeping into the elite level in the NFL, that is totally out of character.
  • 9. Seattle Seahawks: They have tried to replenish their running attack to compliment the more potent passing attack. That, combined with a solid D and a weak division, spells success.
  • 10. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers can never be counted out, but they will be fighting with the Brown for supremacy in the AFC North.

Postseason Hopes

  • 11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs are always a tough team to figure out, but Garcia’s play has given them stability.
  • 12. Tennessee Titans: They can run and play defense, they just can’t move out of the AFC South.
  • 13. Washington Redskins: The health of Portis and the play of their QB are their biggest concerns.
  • 14. Houston Texans: They can pass and play defense, they just can’t move out of the AFC South.
  • 15. Philadelphia Eagles: It seems that the yearly McNabb saga will continue.
  • 16. Green Bay Packers: When Rodgers told everyone he isn’t Brett Favre, he wasn’t just paying us lip service.
  • 17. Chicago Bears: Look for their defense to rebound, not their offense.
  • 18. Carolina Panthers: Peppers had an off year, so did Smith. Both should rebound, but the QB is still an issue.
  • 19. Minnesota Vikings: Peterson is exciting, and will win them some games. Jackson is exciting in a different way and will lose them some games.

In Need of Work

  • 20. Denver Broncos: The onus is all on Shanahan, last year was the first time I can remember that the Broncos did not have a touted running game.
  • 21. Buffalo Bills: This team came on strong to end the year, but questions still abound about their passing game.
  • 22. Arizona Cardinals: They kept Fitzgerald, but can Leinart get him the ball?
  • 23. Detroit Lions: Hard to imagine, but losing an offensive genius like Martz should actually help the offense. It won’t affect the defense.
  • 24. Cincinnati Bengals: With so many questions about Johnson, the locker room is bound to fall apart eventually.
  • 25. Oakland Raiders: The off-season moves are signature Davis moves. Walker is a more expensive, less effective version of Moss and Hall is prone to giving up the big play.
  • 26. St. Louis Rams: Having Bulger and Jackson healthy for a full year should help but their defense still needs more work
  • 27. New York Jets: Pennington will not finish the season, neither will Mangini.
  • 28. San Francisco 49ers: Martz does not have the offensive weapons he needs for his offense to work. Their defense is improving.

Arm-Wrestle You for a Draft Pick

  • 29. Atlanta Falcons: A year removed from controversy should help their focus, cutting or trading all your productive players shouldn’t. Turner could be another Lamont Jordan.
  • 30. Kansas City Chiefs: Another 4 win season is possible, they don’t know where they are going.
  • 31. Baltimore Ravens: I’m convinced their offense can’t be fixed. Their defense is aging.
  • 32. Miami Dolphins: Parcells will install his regime, but it will take another year to be noticed.


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