Robert Nkemdiche's Teammate Wayne Gallman Wise to Stick with Clemson Commitment

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 16, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

It does not appear that 4-star running back Wayne Gallman will follow the lead of his Grayson High School teammates, No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche and 3-star cornerback David Kamara, and decommit from the Clemson Tigers.

Gallman is sticking with his commitment to the Tigers, and this is a wise move for the talented running back. It's been a rough few weeks for Clemson recruiting, but this is a player that Dabo Swinney and his recruiting staff should be feeling pretty good about.

In a video interview with, Gallman stated that he's "100-percent all the way" when asked about how things stood between him and Clemson.

Gallman obviously isn't being swayed by the fact that his two teammates from Grayson have backed out on their commitments to the Tigers, and in the end, he's going to come out of this looking very good with not only Clemson fans, but with the Tigers' coaching staff.

This whole saga with Nkemdiche has been dramatic to say the least, but Gallman has been stalwart to the Clemson program for all of this.

At the university of Michigan they have a term called being a "Michigan man" that coach Brady Hoke likes to use to describe players and people that truly belong at Michigan, and if there was such a thing as a "Clemson man," Gallman would really fit the description.

There are no handouts on the football field, but Gallman is undoubtedly putting himself in good favor with the Clemson staff, and that could end up helping his career with the Tigers.

Current running back Andre Ellington is a Senior, so that spot will be opening up. Clemson's depth chart is pretty solid at the position though, and the Tigers also have a 2013 commitment from another running back in 4-star Tyshon Dye, so any and every good impression Gallman makes with the Clemson staff could end up being an important one.

By staying committed to Clemson, Gallman is allowing himself to stand out.

Nkemdiche is the No. 1 recruit in the country, and everybody flocked to Grayson to see him play.

Gallman has always been a footnote to the Nkemdiche saga, but by remaining firm to his commitment, he's essentially breaking away from that story. Not only is he showing that he is independent of Nkemdiche and Kamara, but he's becoming a positive story for Clemson, rather than a side note in an overwhelmingly negative one.

If he were to follow Nkemidiche out the door, he would always be stuck in his shadow. Instead, by remaining solid with the Tigers, he's giving his own career room to breathe and grow, and there's no mistaking that he does have the talent to be an impact player for Clemson.

He doesn't need Nkemdiche to be a great Clemson football player, and even if he doesn't realize it, he's making that statement loud and clear.

Gallman is very wise to stick to his commitment to Clemson. He's creating his own story, and it has the potential to be a very good one.

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