Robert Nkemdiche's Teammate Decommits from Clemson: Will He Follow Top Recruit?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 14, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Robert Nkemdiche's Grayson High School teammate and friend 3-star cornerback David Kamara has decided to follow suit and has decommited from the Clemson Tigers.

The question now becomes: Will he follow Nkemdiche and commit to the same school that the No. 1 overall recruit chooses?

Judging by the information we have right now, I dare say it's a very good possibility.

Michael Carvell of reports on Kamara's decommitment:

David Kamara, a 3-star defensive back from Grayson High School, told the AJC that he was backing off his commitment to Clemson.

“I just wanted to take my visits everywhere to make sure that I was making the right decision,” Kamara said.

This past weekend, Kamara and Nkemdiche made an unofficial visit together to Ole Miss.

If you're noticing a trend here, it's that Ole Miss once again finds itself entering the conversation. The Rebels were the "other school" back when Nkemdiche was committed to Clemson, and now they appear to be the hands-down favorite to land his commitment—considering his brother Denzel is one of their star linebackers and their mother wants the two to play together.

Kamara making that unofficial visit with Nkemdiche could be a huge sign of things to come, especially since he decommitted from Clemson a few days after said visit, and according to Carvell's report, he is aware of the offer he already has from the Rebels:

Kamara also boasts an offer from Ole Miss. He said Hugh Freeze and his staff made sure he knew the scholarship was still available this past weekend.

“It was never a thought that I didn’t (have it),” Kamara said.

If Nkemdiche does end up committing to Ole Miss, I believe we see Kamara commit soon thereafter.

It's interesting to note that Carvell did refer to Kamara as Nkemdiche's best friend, and considering Kamara's decommitment from Clemson came so soon after Nkemdiche's, one has to assume that playing together is a factor for the 3-star defensive back.

It's not as if Kamara is an elite recruit that can pick and choose where he wants to play. As a 3-star recruit he only has offers from Ole Miss, Clemson, Mississippi State and Tulane according to 247Sports, so the fact that he's willing to decommit from a very good Clemson program is extremely telling.

He doesn't have the luxury of many choices like his friend Nkemidche does, but if he's still willing to take that risk, there's obviously another factor at play here.

It's also worth noting that fellow Grayson player 4-star running back Wayne Gallman is still committed to Clemson, so it's not as if Kamara would have been the lone Grayson player with the Tigers. He still ended up decommiting despite Gallman being committed, which is even more reason to believe that Kamara wants to follow Nkemdiche.

Will Gallman follow both of his teammates? For now it doesn't seem like it, but with two of his friends gone, he may be an easy commitment to sway away from Clemson.

Back to Kamara though...

Issues will arise for Kamara if his best friend decides to commit to one of the bigger schools on his interest list. Nkemdiche has interest and offers from Alabama, Georgia and LSU according to 247Sports, but those are offers that Kamara doesn't possess, yet.

It's possible that these programs offer Kamara in an effort to land Nkemdiche, much like I believe Clemson did, but for now, Kamara is on the outside looking in with Alabama, Georgia and LSU.

That could give Ole Miss yet another advantage, especially if Kamara and Nkemdiche decide to be a "tag team" or "package deal" of sorts, and like I said, all signs are pointing to the fact that Kamara wants to play with the No. 1 overall recruit.

They are apparently very good friends and the timing of his decommitment is not a coincidence.

Once again, Ole Miss would appear to be the favorite, and if that's where Nkemdiche ends up, expect Kamara to commit to the Rebels as well. The problem for Kamara will be if Nkemdiche commits someplace where he can't follow because he doesn't have an offer, but we'll cross that bridge if we ever get to it.

For the time being though, I believe Kamara will follow Nkemdiche as far as the road will take him.

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