Sports Figures Who Make You Hit the "Mute" Button

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2012

Sports Figures Who Make You Hit the "Mute" Button

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    As sports fans, it's not uncommon to find yourself yelling at the TV, and even in extreme cases, throwing the remote in disgust. We take our team's seriously.

    But for other reasons, we sometimes find ourselves doing the same thing.

    Not because our QB just threw a pick.

    Or because the pitcher just gave up a bomb.

    Nope, it's rather that the commentator calling the game is so incredibly annoying, we just can't take the sound of their voice any longer.

    While announcers add drama to a game while watching it on TV, some of the stuff they say really gets to us, and these are the men and women who do it best—or worst—however you see it.

Gus Johnson

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    We expect some serious backlash on this one, (which is why he's dead last on our list), but for everything Gus brings to games, we love and hate him for the exact same reasons: His enthusiasm.

    It's great to hear someone passionately call a sporting event, but for God's sake man, is every single play just the most fantastic thing ever seen by man?

    No, unfortunately it's not, and for that reason, his excitement tends to wear on us throughout a game.

Troy Aikman

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    It's pretty obvious that FOX hired Aikman because he has three Super Bowl rings, and not because of his charisma or entertainment factor.

    We'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than some of the things Aikman says, because, quite friankly, he doesn't say anything of substance.

    You'd think Troy would give us some solid analysis about different formations or reads a quarterback might be seeing. But instead he gives us the watered-down, ho-hum response any fan can see for themselves.

    Sometimes, it feels like it's Eeyore's calling the game, and not a Hall of Fame QB.

Doris Burke

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    It's not that she's not good at what she does—she's in fact one of the few sideline reporters who seems to know a ton about sports—but when we're asking ourselves how she sounds? That's a whole different story.

    She's usually got some insightful stuff to add to the broadcast, but can we get a little enthusiasm instead of feeling like we're getting the second gospel reading in church?

Brian Collins

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    Luckily, for this poor dude, he doesn't have a national audience like the rest of these commentators to have to try and entertain.

    But unfortunately for him, he's involved in the worst attempt at live sports broadcasting ever, so he has to be mentioned.

    Honestly, we tried to multitask while this video played, and it's just impossible to do because of how distracting and awkward the whole video is.

    You have no choice but to mute him or turn the thing off.

Jalen Rose

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    We used to really like Rose when he had analyst spots on Sportscenter, but now that he's a straight-up host on ESPN's NBA Countdown, we can't stand him.

    You might be asking why the sudden change of heart?

    Did he change his opinions?

    His style?

    Nope, it all comes down to that whole 20-second timeout thing he gets to do during the show that irks us, as it just interrupts the entire flow of conversation.

    For example, when talking about the Heat versus the Knicks, why on earth would Rose call for a timeout, and show a picture of Magic Johnson running past Bill Simmons during an 80's Finals game?

    Exactly. We have no clue either. For that reason, we tune him out whenever we get the chance now.

Erin Andrews

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    You're probably asking yourself, "Why on earth is the hottest broadcaster known to man on this list?" But let us explain ourselves.

    It's not that we dislike looking at EA—every guy does—but she finds herself here because of her new studio gig with Fox Sports. It just hasn't been a good fit so far.

    We know she worked as Correspondent during the MLB All-Star Game and Playoff broadcasts, but even those didn't give us the true Erin!

    All we ask is that she gets back to being sexy, savvy, and back on the sidelines so we can get the privilege of seeing her more.

Lee Corso

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    Much like a lot of these broadcasters, Corso's act has just gotten old.

    It's always a big event when he decides to play to the crowd on Gameday, leaving his highly anticipated pick as the finale to the show.

    But it's so overdone now, that we just have to turn the volume down, (or completely off), whenever we hear him start talking.

Peter King

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    King has every sportswriter's dream gig—being featured in print, digital, and on TV—but it's that last outlet that really makes you want to push that mute button.

    We love reading his insight on everything NFL pretty much everyday, as he really lets readers get a sense of his passion and knowledge of the game. 

    But when he's on TV, it's painful to watch, as he offers zero enthusiasm, and comes across as stale as a piece of bread sometimes.

    For a dude who loves coffee and beer as much as he does, you'd think he'd have a little more spunk!

Lou Holtz

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    There's a saying that goes, "Respect your elders," so in that case, it makes it difficult to include Holtz on this list, because he's a coaching legend, and just seems like a nice guy.

    But when it comes to talking sports—or in his case, mumbling about them—it's a little difficult to understand.

    Actually, that's the reason he even cracks our top-10, because about 75% of the time, we have no idea what the hell he's saying!

Terry Bradshaw

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    He was a great quarterback, and though Bradshaw's entertaining, it doesn't necessarily make him enjoyable to watch.

    Though he often jokes about how he's not exactly the brightest guy in the room, but that whole Gomer Pyle-type act has caused many a football fans to turn the channel whenever the former Steelers great has something to say.

    Oh, and one more thing. When doing the halftime highlights, please just give us the highlights, and not a bunch of inside jokes between you and the other guys on set!

Andrés Cantor

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    You've heard him about a million times, scream, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!" after every ball that hits the back of the net.

    He may be the most recognized soccer announcer in the world, but that call of his is way too much.

Bomani Jones

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    There's honestly times when we wonder if Jones forgets that he's an announcer, and not an athlete?

    It's just personal preference, but we just can't stand how arrogant he comes off when giving his opinion, always acting amazed if his point gets questioned.

    And let's not forget that belt. Lord, that stupid belt.

Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay

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    If you've ever seen these two together—which is almost all the time since ESPN loves to test them against each other—you probably share our headache.

    All it is is them arguing back and forth, and reminds us of a bar-gument between buddies, where neither guy's going to back down from their point.

Colin Cowherd

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    Cowherd is that thorn in every sports fans side.

    Regardless of how you feel about him personally, his views on different things—namely the unfortunate Sean Taylor incident—and the fact he gets paid for his opinion on sports is a little irritating, especially because fans feel more educated than he is.

    Problem is, he likes to use those opinions to cause controversy, which is just about the last thing any fan wants to hear.

Dick Vitale

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    He's just, not "Awesome Baby!" to us anymore.

    Sure, there was a time when watching college basketball with Dickie V calling the game was enjoyable, but that was about 15 years ago when there weren't really many other options, and more of just all we knew.

    Now that we're a little bit older, we don't need all the extra superlatives to get us hyped for a game. His schtick is tired and it feels forced.

Chris Berman

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    Just look at that picture and tell us how the hell he a) first got on TV, and b) you can take him seriously. He looks more like one of those disguise masks than anything!

    Regardless of his appearance way back when, Berman's grown into the staple of ESPN broadcasts, and handles all the major events.

    This might be good for Berman and ESPN, but as you'd imagine, it's not so great for us fans who have to listen to him talk.

    Between the constant nicknames and oft-repeated catchphrases, we're ready for Berman to be back-back-back-back and gone.

Skip Bayless

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    Bayless reminds us of that high school teacher who you think is cool, but when you test him a little bit, he lashes out at you and belittles you.

    He's smug.

    Extremely opinionated.

    And what's worse is that he knows what he's talking about.

    But just because he's smart, doesn't mean we agree with how he so stubbornly voices his opinion. 

    Sometimes, we're not sure if he's serious about the things he says, or just likes to piss the other panelist off!?!

Jim Rome

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    There was never, and will never, be a time when we enjoy listening to Rome talk. 

    It's not that we dislike the guy, we just kind of hate how he carries himself with a microphone around him, always coming across as arrogant and trying to stir the pot.

    While he knows the hell out of some sports, is persona as the Howard Stern of sports commentary has gone to his head, and is more off-putting than entertaining these days.

Stephen A. Smith

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    There's honestly no one we'd rather mute than Smith, which is a little ironic, because all he ever does is offer his opinion!

    So basically, what we're saying is that anytime Stephen A. Smith comes on television, we're either muting the TV and wasting our time just watching his theatrical facial expressions, or we turn the channel to something more entertaining, like the Price is Right.