Why Oregon vs. Kansas State Would Be Most Entertaining BCS Title Matchup

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 12, 2012

EUGENE, OR - SEPTEMBER 1:  The Oregon Duck mascot enters the stadium on a motorcycle before the game against the Arkansas State Red Wolves on September 1, 2012 at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. Oregon won the game 57-34.  (Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images)
Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images

While it may seem like there isn't much time left in the college football season, there is still a bunch of football left to be played. With a few weeks left for the BCS rankings to get even more confusing, there remain many possibilities for the BCS National Championship Game.

But the most entertaining matchup of them all is if everything stays the way it is and Oregon and Kansas State play for all of the marbles.

Forget about the SEC defending its national championship streak, forget all of the historic programs finding a way to sneak into the Top Two, just put the Wildcats and the Ducks on the field in January.

It would be the best possible matchup available and make college football fans around the country very happy.


Fireworks in January

Besides two teams from the same conference participating, the No. 1 complaint of last year’s national championship was that there was too much defense and not enough scoring. While the defensive side of the ball may play a big role in who wins the crystal football, 92 total yards from one team is enough to put you in a coma until next year.

If these two teams square off, you would not have to worry about falling asleep due to two horrible offenses or two terrific defenses. (However you want to look at things).

Oregon is currently first in the country, averaging close to 55 points and well more than 550 yards a game. Kansas State is eighth in the country with 42 points scored and the Wildcats have produced 400-plus total yards a total of six times.

The Ducks have oodles of home run hitters such as Kenjon Barner and De'Anthony Thomas, players that are a threat to take it the distance every time they touch the football. Kansas State has a quarterback in Collin Klein, a player that has produced 21 plays of more than 25 yards with his arm and picked up 41 first downs with his feet.

There won't be five field goals by one team, as both squads will probably leave their kicker at home because he won't be needed for this one. And there will be more points scored in this matchup by one team than we saw in the entire game last season (21).

This type of game may drive fans of the SEC insane, but if we are looking for entertainment, it doesn't get much better than seeing the scoreboard change every 35 seconds. You better make sure you stack up on the food, handle your restroom business and run those late-second errands before the game.

There is a high possibility you will miss something if you don't.


No SEC Team

Even SEC haters have to agree that it is the best conference in all of college football. It has produced the last six national championship winners, it had two teams in last year’s national championship, and it features a good percentage of the BCS rankings. The SEC simply has a track record like no other conference in college football.

Now that all of the praise is out of the way, it is time to hand over the trophy to somebody else for a change.

Sure, you could make an argument for why Alabama deserves a shot to defend its title even with a loss on the record. Even a team like Georgia can defeat a majority of the Top 25 when it actually decides to show up and not leave its defense back in Athens.

However, for the sake of college football, other teams need to have a shot to win.

With the way things have been the past several years, everybody knew the other conferences where playing for second place. It didn't matter how good Ohio State, Oklahoma or Texas were, you knew they all had little chance to win and you were absolutely correct.

Some would argue that having a "bad guy" for the sport is wonderful, but a little more parity than there is now would take college football to heights we haven't seen in a while. Instead of the SEC competing amongst themselves, this could possibly open up the door to other conferences having a realistic shot even before the playoff takes place in 2014.

Whether you are an SEC homer or a Big East supporter, I think everyone can agree that college football would be better off with a little more competition than there is now.


The Little Guy Finally Makes It

Speaking of seeing a change in college football, witnessing a Kansas State program in the national championship would be something to tell your grandchildren. We are in the BCS era, where the object is to cut out the little teams and put two powerhouses in the national championship.

We have seen Boise State run the table twice and be left out in the cold. TCU did it back in 2010, as well as Utah a couple of times. Even a 2004 Auburn team was denied for a more attractive matchup of USC and Oklahoma.

Now Kansas State, a team that has only appeared in 15 bowl games all-time, a program that has only produced 11 consensus All-Americans and hasn't won a bowl game since 2002, actually has a chance to win a national championship.

If that isn't remarkable, I truly don't know what is.

Everybody thought a playoff would need to be introduced in order for these types of teams to compete in the big game. While the playoff format is still necessary, seeing the little guy in the national championship would be something to remember, as it doesn't happen very often.

You may be rooting for the Oregon Ducks in this meeting because they are the flashy team, but the real story would be Kansas State and how the Wildcats ran the table when nobody was paying attention just a couple of months ago.