Analyzing The Likely Trade Destinations For Disgruntled Broncos QB Jay Cutler

Joe M.Correspondent IIMarch 17, 2009

Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler is a smart man. Not only did he graduate from Vanderbilt University, often referred to as an Ivy League school of the South, but he is smart enough to realize when he's not only lied to, but when its time to move on because you aren't really that wanted (or respected).

Maybe its just me, but I don't know about you but I enjoy the soap-opera that is unfolding daily not just because I can't stand anything Denver related but more so because of the intriguing possibilities his unhappiness creates as well as the exciting cause-and-effect.

Not only does he have a chance to go where he can trust his new employers but he also has a chance to stick it to Bill Belichick wanna-be Josh McDaniels and the Broncos organization by forcing his way out of town and leaving them with no real option other than to either settle for a downgrade in the form of someone like Chris Simms, as discussed this morning on ESPN's Mike and Mike, or force the team to waste valuable draft picks in acquiring their next starter that they can only hope will be as good as Culter already is.

The fact of the matter is, 32 year old rookie Head Coach McDaniels and his 37 year old GM, Brian Xanders, tried to get too cute in overplaying their Matt Cassel hand thinking it would be a formality in acquiring him from McDaniels former employers and instead he ironically went to Kansas City run by another Belichick castoff in first year GM Scott Pioli.

Now it appears the Broncos will be shut out on all front and soon, hopefully left without any quarterback much less someone to the caliber of Cassel or Cutler.

While Cutler does come off as being somewhat of a baby, I do feel sorry for him. You don't trade a 25 year old franschise QB coming off a 4,500 yard Pro Bowl season under any circumstances, especially if he actually wants to play for your team as Cutler clearly had.

While the greedy McDaniels and his cronies come off as being the bad guys to me, some degree of shame should also fall on owner Pat Bowlen who is surprisingly silent on the matter. That too should tell Cutler all he needs to know where he stands with the team and who is truly in charge.

With that said lets look at the teams Cutler could be suiting up for in 2009 even if he has to go all "T.O" on the team in order to force his way out of town:

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

He'd fit in perfectly with their new look offense that now includes a re-signed WR Michael Clayton, perfect fit complement Derrick Ward (my pick-up of the off-season) to split carries with solid backup Earnest Graham, and troubled but talented TE Kellen Winslow.

All they are missing is a quarterback to lead this ship of jewels, no pun intended. Why Cutler and other QB's aren't salivating at playing in a great environment, competitive division, complete with warm weather opposite of Denver is beyond me.

2. New York Jets

Mike Greenberg unsurprisingly has been pushing for Cutler for weeks now and today made it very public again that he'd love to see him join Gang Green. It would be hard to argue against it seeing how the need is there with the retirement of Brett Favre and a rebuilding defense lead by first year Head Coach Rex Ryan.

Only problem is he'd remain in conference to potentially face the Broncos yearly which they may be hesitant on doing.

3. Detroit Lions

The improving Lions have added defensive depth in CB's Phillip Buchanon, Anthony Henry, LB Julian Peterson, and DT Grady Jackson. All but Jackson have Pro Bowl ability. If they were to add Cutler to a team that already includes Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith they could be getting somewhere.

If only they had a complementary receiver..... seriously Mike Furrey is gone along with the usual overstock of underachievers. One can certainly tell Matt Millen is no longer around.

If they were lucky enough to trade their 2nd first round pick (20) for Cutler and still draft an OL like Jason Smith, or a need position like DT they could get much better quicker than expected.

Or they could go the other route and trade that No. 1 for a slew of picks and still pick LB Rey Maualuga with the 20th pick.

(I think he's the next Ed Reed/Troy Polamalu-book it. Some people you can just tell are winners and know how to play and he's a ball hawk that hopefully a real team that needs him like Detroit or Kansas City gets him and not just some fluky team that he falls to like San Diego or Philly.)

4. Minnesota Vikings

The team just upgraded at quarterback earlier this off-season...backup quarterback in the name of Seth Rosenfels and clearly need a play making signal caller behind center.

While some like Greenberg lobbied for the Vikings to get Jeff Garcia saying if they got him, the team would go all the way to the Superbowl with him handing off to All Pro Adrian Peterson, Cutler would have to be considered an unexpected gift that they can't afford to pass on.

He'd be a much younger version of Garcia who'd basically be asking to do the same thing.

5. Chicago Bears

Serious dark-horse here but they have the greatest need considering they've lacked stability at this most important position since Jim McMahon left town after 1988 and its been a revolving door ever since. Let me type that again for effect and clarity. 1988.

Adding Cutler and signing him to an extension would finally stop over two decades of bleeding here and makes about as much sense that Torry Holt to the Eagles would in terms of long term and perpetual need.

Other potential T.O. like surprise teams to come out and snag him:

San Francisco and Seattle

Neither team is set long term but in different aspects. The 49ers have bust Alex Smith still on their roster and have only temporary solution Shaun Hill starting.

The Seahawks have 33-year-old Matt Hasselbeck who is coming off an injury plagued season. Cutler would have T.J. Houshmanzedeh and Deion Branch here so the cupboard isn't bare on offense. Only problem is losing that valuable No. 4 pick in order to get him.

Who knows, maybe we'll be completely blown away and a team like St. Louis will get him?


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