Pittsburgh Steelers: No-Show in Offseason!

Samantha PalermoContributor IMarch 16, 2009

Pittsburgh has done close to nothing so far in the offseason. They are not getting those big names to add to our Super Bowl team.

We need another WR. We cannot have Limas Sweed as our third string WR.

You have all seen what happened in the AFC Championship game against the Ravens, right? Well, he was wide open, he had the ball in his hands, but he didn't have his eyes on the ball, and he dropped it. We need a WR who can catch when needed.

One WR I really do not want the Steelers taking is Ronald Curry. Why? Because he was with the Raiders. That means he's gotta suck, right?

The two WRs I really hope the Steelers at least make an offer to are former Ram Torry Holt and former Colt Marvin Harrison. I'm so surprised that no team has done anything about those two. They are two of the greats. They may be getting old, but it doesn't matter how old you are if you are that good! 

They have both won a Super Bowl. You know they will fit right in with the Steelers, because they have won six Super Bowls in their history. They have only won two with some of the players who are currently on the roster right now.

Why We Need a WR

Third string is Limas Sweed. I mean he is good, but it will be only his second season and I don't think he is ready yet.

We lost a good WR, Nate Washington. He was our big yardage WR. He caught most of our long TD catches from Ben. I hope he has a great season in Tennessee in 2009.

In my honest opinion, I don't think Tennessee deserves him. I would have rather seen him go to the Bears, Colts, or maybe even the Dolphins.

I hope the best for the Steelers in the rest of the offseason and hope they do something exciting, sign somebody big.

I'll also add that just because you won the Super Bowl does not mean you don't need some additions to the team and some fix-ups to make the team better.

For example, we need a better O-Line. Ben was sacked way too many times. Also, he threw more interceptions and fewer touchdowns than last season because he did not have enough time in the pocket.

Last season was great for him. He had 32 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

This season he had 17 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

We also had a great offensive lineman in 2008, Alan Faneca, but he left us for the Jets.

Now, Pittsburgh, go into that free agency and grab a good, strong, big offensive lineman better than Faneca. Maybe Barry Stokes?

He's from New England. Hello, he's good!